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Introduce Family-Friendly Online Games to Ring In A Remote New Year

Spy Phone at       Jan 18 2021 6:05PM

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Introduce Family-Friendly Online Games to Ring In A Remote New Year

Vacation time is looming ahead and most families will be spending time at home this year. It is only a few weeks to the New Year. Apart from homesteading and staycations, what are the options for the family to enjoy quality time together?
Online games are a great option, even during normal times, to get rid of boredom. Some educationists believe that certain games can improve many faculties of children as well as adults like:
i. Intelligence.
ii. Problem-solving skills.
iii. Focus and awareness.
iv. Social interactions.
v. Self-confidence.
Types of Online Games Based on Players
Most online games need only one real player. At the same time, some games involve two players. Advanced online game provides for a group of people to play together. These games build bonding and a feeling of belonging between the players, as is usual between team members.
How Can the Whole Family Play Together?
Introducing family gaming doesn’t mean that all the members of the family should participate whenever a session begins. One member can take a break to attend to other matters even if all others are engaged in playing. Tasks can be allotted to each family member by turns to maintain the house in order. All these build bonding and affinity along with responsibility in children.
It is also a great idea for other members to watch and cheer when two people are playing a one-on-one game. You can turn into two teams and engage in a good family game that is entertaining and exciting at the same time. Think of the tea spirit when the whole family plays on the same side in an interactive game against virtual alien invaders.
Memories That Stick
No other indoor activity creates those special moments of personal involvement and attachment between family members other than family gaming. These days set apart with online gaming with the entire family to chaperone the New Year will be recalled by each member over and over in the future. Those moments are going to last a lifetime. You will hear your children repeat many times in their adult life, “Remember when Tom tried XYZ with dad to kill the aliens and Sarah did the bounce?”
Inadvertent Monitoring
You cheer and usher in the New Year as a team that spent a great time playing online games- you also engaged in monitoring your children’s activities. Well, it was not intended in the first place. It is a fact that you never spooked even for a fraction of a second during the entire display of enthusiasm. Would you have dared to visit a discreet website or open a ‘not suitable for viewing in office’ image sent by a friend? The same is the case with your children. Besides, all of you are fully engaged in the game and each member wants to be a valuable asset to the team.
What better idea can you think of to spend the eve of the New Year with the wholehearted participation of the entire family? Nothing can beat a suitable online game.
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