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At what age is it appropriate for kids to have sleepovers?

Spy Phone at       Oct 7 2020 11:00PM


At what age is it appropriate for kids to have sleepovers?
Your child will make a lot of friends once they start school. They may even start badgering you for a sleepover. While it may sound like a fun idea, how do you know if your child is ready for a sleepover?
To be honest, there is no set age for a sleepover. You child can have a sleepover as soon as he or she feels ready. Young kids may not be ready to leave the familiarity of their own house. They may get upset at the idea of spending the night even at their grandparents or other family members.
A sleepover could be the first time that a child spends a night away from their home. You child must be ready for the separation and know that it okay not to sleep in your own bed. A sleepover could be the first step to longer separation periods in the future like school trips or summer camps.
The first time your child decides to go to a sleepover, assure your child that it is okay to call you if they change their mind. Make sure your kids know the rules about what and where to eat. You must also make them understand to limit the use of their smartphones and the Internet. Pillow fights can be fun but your kid must know that destroying the house is not an option.
If you are hosting a sleepover, engage your child to choose fun games, snack and movies. You may make your life easier by asking the guests to bring their own sleeping bags. Let your guests know about your expectations and the rules. The children must know that they can enjoy a great time if they follow the rules.
How to keep your child safe?
First and foremost, assure your child that it is okay to call you even if it is the middle of the night. Your child must have your number memorized before going for a sleepover.
Make sure you have the phone number of the parents of your child’s friend with whom he is having a slumber party. If there is more than one kid at the sleepover it is wise to keep their names and numbers handy too. It is a good idea to call your child before bed to make sure everything is as it should be.
Go over the basic aspects of physical safety with your kid to keep them safe. To avoid Internet misuse, you may even install spy phone or other spy phone apps to keep track of their activities. You can also install a phone tracker app to know where your child is at all times.

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