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Signs You Are Becoming a Helicopter Parent and What to Do Instead

Spy Phone at       Jun 18 2020 1:26PM

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Signs You Are Becoming a Helicopter Parent and What to Do Instead

You may have heard of helicopter parenting but thought that it probably doesn’t apply to you. After all, it’s a term that implies an unhealthy amount of involvement in your child’s life and this just sounds too extreme for you.

But many parents are helicopter parents without realizing it. You want to protect your child and ensure that they stay away from harm and bad influences and you want to set them up for success. However, in doing so, you have to ensure that you are not overstepping your boundaries as a parent.

If you do these things, then you may need to change your parenting approach.

• You don’t give your kids their space

You like to put have your child in your sight at all times because it gives you a sense of control. Helicopter parents often find it difficult to leave their child alone with their friends or with other adults. Even if they are teenagers who can take care of themselves, you have a need to check in on them.
Instead, you should learn to give them their space and develop their independence. This will give them an opportunity to be capable individuals and also allow you to learn to let go.

• You do their homework for them

Do you do your child’s homework for them because you want them to get good grades and you are scared their effort won’t be enough? Or maybe you solve a math problem for them instead of teaching them how to do it on their own because you don’t like to see them frustrated? These are signs if helicopter parenting.
Instead, allow them to face challenges on their own, whether it’s a hard equation or an obstacle they are facing.

• You get too involved in their problems

Helicopter parents often involve themselves in the problems of their children. For instance, if your child gets into a fight with another kid from school, if you decide to complain to the teacher or get into an argument with the other kid’s parents, then you need to take a step back.
Instead, teach your kids to face their problems on their own. They don’t always need you to swoop in and save them. Sometimes, they just need your support.

• You don’t allow them to enjoy themselves

If you don’t let your child enjoy themselves by playing and you only make them study or work all day, it may be a sign that you are helicopter-parenting them. Even simple things like joining social media, allowing them to play online games, etc. can be done with supervision using apps like spy phone, spy phone app, and phone tracker.
Instead, teach your kids to make decisions by weighing the pros and cons and be ready to face the consequences.

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