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Common misconceptions parents have about the internet

Spy Phone at       Jul 15 2020 8:10PM


Common misconceptions parents have about the internet

In the internet age, people are looking up almost every piece of information on the internet. Whether it’s a virtual family get together or a project that needs to be submitted on time, the internet is where we go today. Use of the internet has grown even among youngsters, so much so, that parents seem to be genuinely worried about their kids using the internet. Here are some common misconceptions parents have about the internet.

The internet is bad for kids

It’s true that excessive use of the internet can result in kids being more socially withdrawn and impact physical, cognitive, emotional, and psychological development, but that’s not all there is to the internet. In fact, when used in moderation, the internet can be a great source of knowledge for children.
Children can go online and interact with others on social media platforms. These connections may even lead to lifelong friendships in some situations. The internet also makes it possible for kids to gain knowledge on any topic they desire at the mere click of a button. The vast body of knowledge that exists on the internet offers an opportunity to seek answers to important questions at the click of a button which was not possible earlier. This can actually promote cognitive development in kids and satisfy their curiosity with answers to all the questions they have. Playing games online can also help to build and sustain social bonds. Even connecting with family members can be done easily through use of the internet.

Children will be victimized on the internet

While it’s true that children can become victims of cyberbullying or sexual predators on the internet, it’s not an inherent flaw of the internet, but rather, deceitful people doing unethical things. Online literacy and openly communicating the dangers associated with using the internet can help to protect children against victimization.
Children will be exposed to porn online
It’s true that there are several pop-ups of sexually explicit material online that could raise the curiosity of your child. If this continues, children could be drawn to such content and in the worst case scenario, they could become addicted to such content. Maintaining parental controls as your child uses the internet can prevent such pop-ups. You should also openly communicate with your child about such dangers so that they’re aware and use the internet more mindfully.

The internet will destroy family bonding

Internet addiction can end up destroying family bonding, but otherwise, family bonding can actually be improved using the internet, if done right. Playing games online, watching shows/movies, or even just listening to music can help to strengthen family bonds.
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