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How Parents Can Work With Schools To Create A Safe Digital Environment For Children

Spy Phone at       Dec 7 2020 4:47PM

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How Parents Can Work With Schools To Create A Safe Digital Environment For Children
Gadgets and other devices for accessing the internet have become part and parcel of schooling. Social media is an inevitable aspect of the internet and all children are active on one or more platforms. It is needless to say that visits to cyberspace have distinctive risk factors. Cybersecurity should be a priority for schools, children, and parents alike.
Role of Adults in Ensuring Child Safety
A lot of risks involved in internet use can be taken care of by a good tie-up between the children’s school and parents. Parents can install good spy phone apps or a phone spy software on their children’s mobile phones. The schools, on their part, can share the students’ browsing history installed within the school’s filtering technology. It is mandatory for all schools that receive funding for the internet to install effective digital filters and ban many web portals.
Constant Verbal and Digital Reminders
Parents and teachers can make it a point to remind their children when an occasion arises to never divulge personal information to unknown websites. The schools, on their part, can send digital pop-ups or something similar containing catching words to convey this message.
Keeping an Eye on Visitors
Schools have built-in measures to observe visitors. A mechanism to provide visitors’ details to parents that include pictures from CCTV footage is a great measure. The system should also have provisions to ensure that only those adults permitted by parents can pick students from schools.
Security of Devices
All devices with internet access have factory-set security measures. Hackers and scammers always try to stay ahead of security by updating their methods. Updating your security software on time will keep your devices against all types of cyber threats. Compromising software security doesn’t put your child alone in deep trouble bust also other matters like:
i. Your gadgets.
ii. Personal information of others.
iii. Financial information.
iv. Social security information.
The school and parents should interact frequently to discuss the security measures taken on all devices, including your child’s.
Parent Engagement- Who Should Take the Initiative?
The school should plan and execute parent engagement. A well-oiled mechanism can be put in place to see parents and teachers collaborate to improve and support the following:
i. Learning process of students.

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