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The Step-by-Step Process of Creating A Family Media Agreement

Spy Phone at       Jan 20 2021 12:46PM


The Step-by-Step Process of Creating A Family Media Agreement

We have seen many news items relating to problems caused at an individual level as well as within families due to being hooked on to social media platforms. Some issues arose out of non-stop gaming. Many behavioral scientists have narrowed down the issues to various reasons ranging from addiction to loneliness.
Solutions for Media Related Time
The bottom line is that each person should be responsible for his or her behavior and interaction with other family members. Parents should understand their children’s behavior and have open discussions more often. Any problem can be solved by sitting down and speaking calmly while giving a patient ear to others.
A solution will surely arise in a brainstorming session that saw the active participation of all members. The outcome should be maintained as a written record for all to see. This ‘minutes of the meeting’ can be used as The Magna Carta for your family’s media agreement.
Let us now delve into the effective steps aimed at creating quality family time through the promotion of safer media for children.
Contents of the Agreement
i. Have an open talk: Find time convenient for all members to sit casually and discuss the issue. It is very important to get everyone’s consent that a problem indeed exists.
ii. If you had made any agreements before on any topic, pull them out and read it out loud.
iii. Reach an agreement for a common time to use social media.
iv. Put it in writing while providing some leeway for unforeseen circumstances depending upon each member’s activities.
v. Implement curfew timings when it is a strict no to all electronic devices. This should apply to meals and bedtimes.
Tip: Reach a consensus on whether the curfew timings should apply to all days like weekends and holidays.
Procedures to be Followed for Creating the Family Agreement
Make sure that the time suits everyone. The fixed duration should not be too short or too long. If necessary, the conversation can continue later.
All should be well-fed and comfortable. The responsible adults in the household should first realize that the exercise is for the welfare of the entire family. Ensure the cooperation of all members by imparting the graveness of the situation that warrants an agreement.
The most important step is the contribution of other members of the family. Involve everyone and give a patient ear to even the most wayward opinions.
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