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Why You Should Consider Creating a Technology-Free Zone in Your House?

Spy Phone at       Oct 13 2020 10:08PM

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Why You Should Consider Creating a Technology-Free Zone in Your House?
Parenting in the digital age can be challenging and many parents across the globe are always looking for ways they can help their kids limit their screen time. Of course, this is easier said than done considering how tech devices and the internet have become such integral parts of our daily lives.
One of the most effective ways you can limit screen time for your kids as well as yourself is by creating a technology-free zone in your house. A tech-free zone is an area in your home where any kind of technology isn’t allowed. These may include the dining table, the bed, the living room at certain hours of the day, etc.
Laying down this rule of banning technology in certain areas of your home may seem like an extreme step to take, but the benefit far outweigh the cons. It only seems extreme or unrealistic because most families are so used to having technology permeate into every aspect of their lives.
For example, the dinner table is one of the most common areas where technology is commonplace today, when just a few years back, this would be unacceptable. By not allowing space for smart phones, tablets and laptops on the dinner table, you are creating more opportunities for you and your kids to bond as a family. Instead of being stuck to your phones and having dinner in front of the TV, you actually get too sit down and eat together as a family and talk about how your day was, what’s going on in your lives, etc.
Tips to create a tech-free zone in your house
If you want to create a tech-free zone in your house, the first step is to choose a convenient area. As mentioned, this could be the dining table, the bed, or even an entire room dedicated to a screen-free time. If you have an empty room or a basement that could be decorated, they can be used as tech-free rooms.
It is also important to establish clear guidelines for you and your kids to follow while being in the tech-free zone. Maybe phones, tablets and laptops are not allowed at all, maybe they need to be on airplane mode or silenced, or maybe there are only a few selected apps that you are allowed to use. The rules are up to you.
To ensure that your kids use technology responsibly, you could also use child protection apps such as spy phone, spy phone app, and phone tracker.

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