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What Is the Right Age to Give a Mobile Phone to Kids?

Spy Phone at       Oct 11 2020 11:29AM


What Is the Right Age to Give a Mobile Phone to Kids?

Unlike our parents who only had to decide on the curfew time, parents of this generation have a lot to think about, especially mobile phones and screen time. If screen time was the only concern, it would have been easier to decide. There is a lot more to worry about when you hand your mobile phone to your child.

By the time a child turns 10 or 12, they demand a mobile phone. The right age to hand one to a child depends on the parent and the child. Not every person is the same, and not everyone has the same life. While to one parent, a mobile phone acts as an emergency means of communication, to others, it may be their way of showering their love. No matter the reason, before you hand over a mobile phone to your kid, ask yourself the following questions.

- Why do they need a mobile phone?
If the answer is 'their friends have one as well!' then stop right there, it is not the right age to give them a mobile! Kids aged 8 to 12 own a mobile phone because working parents want to track their whereabouts. As long as it is not a necessity, your kid is not at the right age for a mobile phone.

- How responsible is the child?
Owning a mobile phone is a privilege, but you must ensure that your child is mature enough to take responsibility for holding one. Misuse of the device, irresponsible behavior while using a mobile are some of the reasons not to give the device to a child.

- Does my child need a mobile phone?
'I want a mobile because my friend has one!' is a common phrase that parents hear. A child that understands that a mobile phone is a device that costs money and hence does not demand one, is in the right age to own one.

Does the child understand the safety potential of owning a mobile phone?
Is the child responsible for their belongings?
Does owning a mobile phone offer more benefits than its absence?
Does the child understand the cost associated with owning a mobile phone? Another point to think about!

Ask yourself, 'why must I give my child a mobile phone?' Can you define a purpose that cannot be served without a mobile phone? If you cannot, then refrain from giving mobile to your child. There is no perfect age for a mobile phone. Age is just a number, and maturity defines whether the child is responsible enough to be handed a mobile phone.

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