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How social media affects your child’s self-esteem and confidence

Spy Phone at       Jul 9 2020 7:30PM

Cyber Bullying

How social media affects your child’s self-esteem and confidence

Social media platforms seem to be a way for children to connect with others and today; it's difficult to come across an individual who doesn't operate a social media account. The paradox though is that this online community can have a negative impact on your child's social life, confidence, and self-esteem. Here's how:
Social media platforms today have become a massive tool for brands to market their products. This means that your child is going to end up seeing more ads for products they will start to feel they need to establish their self-worth. Whether it’s an ad for cosmetics or apparel, they can start to feel a lack in their personal life and feel the need to buy these products to be trendy.

Vanity metrics

Social media platforms operate on vanity metrics such as likes, views, comments, and followers. Those who manage to get more of these vanity metrics are considered popular while those who can’t, don’t meet the popularity cut. This can make them feel inadequate about themselves and shatter their sense of confidence.
Social comparison
Being on social media will invariably result in your child ending up making social comparisons between their life and the lives of those depicted on their social media platform. When they see someone who has "the perfect life" and is happy, they may start to question aspects of their life that aren't so perfect, and this sets up some unrealistic expectations for them in the long run.

Best foot forward

People are likely to show their best selves online. Your child may find it difficult to comprehend this and social comparisons may ultimately lead them to curate aspects of their life so that they can project the best version of themselves. In fact, many children may end up changing aspects of themselves completely to fit in with the online perception of what is cool. When this continues, they're dishonest with themselves as well as their online audience. This could lead to a lot of anxiety and depression as well as other mental health issues as they try to grapple to find themselves amidst the lies.
Lack of real world connections
Spending more time on social media can draw them away from making real world connections, which are crucial to develop a sense of self and contribute to self-esteem and confidence.
Cyber-bullying and predatory behaviors on social media can result in your child being victimized, which can take a massive toll on their self-esteem and confidence.
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