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How to Use Digital Devices and Media to Help with Your Kid’s School Work

Spy Phone at       Jul 10 2020 7:34PM


How to Use Digital Devices and Media to Help with Your Kid’s School Work

Navigating around setting up appropriate rules related to technology use for your children keeps getting complicated with the passing day. Children today keep connected with a plethora of digital devices at school and home. It isn't ideal to place blanket restrictions on their digital media usage if they flout household rules anymore as children now use digital media for education as equally as they do for their other interests. The Internet helps them with their academics, and research and parents should support education technology instead of adopting general disapproval of children excessively relying on digital devices.

Teach Your Children the Responsible Usage of Technology

Kids today might be tech-savvy, but they still need to learn how to perceive their technological access as a privilege from their parents. As parents and teachers, you may not be a tech-literate as the younger generation, but you can guide them on how to use the tech tools at their dispersal safely, productively and positively. You can give them crucial lessons on how they can protect their security, privacy and safety when online. Another important lesson that you can provide them is to teach them when they ought to disconnect and have face-to-face interactions instead.
Do Some Research Yourself
If you don’t want your child to fool you into believing that they’re using an educational app when they are actually engaging with age-inappropriate digital media, keep some time aside to research child-friendly education apps yourself. Many apps on the Internet today are labeled child-friendly and educational, but actually serve no real educational purpose for your child.

Allow them to Communicate Online But Also Place Restrictions

EdTech encourages online communication and collaborations. Your child might be using digital communication media to collaborate online with a student in another part of the world or sharing class notes with a student who’d been absent from school. It is important that you do not question your child’s increased tendency towards online communication as that is the way forward.
At the same time, place adequate restrictions on their technological usage. Monitor hours and set tech-free zones in the house, so they also get ample time free from their devices. As parents, you want your child to learn from the rich information resource that digital technology enables access to. However, you also want them to develop satisfying and fulfilling lives offline. Your kid should not be able to pass off “school work” as an excuse for enjoying excessive screen time. They may not know it, but they will regret not spending this time offline in the future.

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