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How to make the most of your child’s online classes

Spy Phone at       Jul 16 2020 8:11PM

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How to make the most of your child’s online classes

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in educational institutions shifting to the online medium to offer classes to their students. Online classes represent a shift from traditional classes and can require some adjustment from your child, but it is possible for you to help your child make the most of it. Here’s how:

Emphasize that it’s a “real” course
Talk to your child and make sure th
ey understand that it’s still a real class they’re taking. They need to know that while the medium of instruction has changed, the purpose has not. It’s important for them to understand the reality of the classes before attending them.
Have a structure
You may not be delivering the online classes, but you can help to create a structure for your child to follow. Structuring course content can help them get a clearer idea of what’s involved while keeping you up-to-date on what’s been happening in these classes.
You need to follow-up with your child and ask them questions about what they learned. Staying involved by following up doesn’t just inform you of what they’ve done, it also allows them to recall what they’ve learned.
Remove distractions
Removing all distractions from the environment can help your child focus better and learn more from their online classes. You need to make sure that the environment in which they attend online classes is free from noise and is conducive to learning. Don’t distract them with their favourite snacks or have loud conversations in the place where their online classes happen.

Be present for their problem solving

If your child has any homework from their online classes, sit with them as they work on completing it. Don’t solve their problems for them, but be present to make sure they’re doing it. Encourage and guide them if necessary, but don’t take over the task of completing their homework for them.
Identify their learning style
When you observe your child under different learning circumstances, you’ll be able to identify their learning style and help them gain knowledge in a better way. Online classes may not be able to cater to all learning styles, so the extra help is definitely needed.
Participate in shared activities
There are many games online that test the knowledge and skills of your child across different age groups. Doing these activities can help to improve skills/knowledge while also offering an opportunity to bond.
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