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Identifying Signs of Cyberbullying

Spy Phone at       Dec 1 2020 1:32PM


Identifying Signs of Cyberbullying

Teenagers and younger kids are being victims of cyberbullying these days. There could be casual remarks or hurtful comments that inculcate a negative feeling in kids using social media. The seriousness of the problem should be well understood by parents in particular. Sometimes cyberbullying goes unnoticed as some kids try and hide their pain or feel too scared to talk about it to their parents. But, remember that no matter how small or big an incident that is bothering your kid, it might have long term impacts on the child’s emotional state. So, identify cyberbullying at an early stage with the following signs-
1. Changes in social behavior:
A child who was earlier a happy kid might suddenly show no interest in going to school or even meeting his friends. The child might also start feeling nervous even to get back to his class. Their social behavior and the way they communicate with their friends might change.
2. Displaying a sudden lack of interest:
Cyberbullying victims who are consistently pondering over what happened to them might stop showing interest in all those activities they used to love doing. The child might not be willing to indulge in his hobbies or even give up on his favorite music classes and other extra-curricular activities.
3. Suddenly appearing secretive or withdrawn from others in the family:
Deeply affected by the cyberbullying incident online, your child might start feeling cynical. The other reason could be that the child is too scared to trust anyone after the incident. This might lead to changes in the way the child interacts with his near and dear ones.
4. Physical changes:
Changes in health, irregular eating habits, sudden loss or gain in weight, or even erratic sleeping patterns in kids and teens should not be ignored. These could also be signs of cyberbullying meddling with your child’s physical and mental health. The stress of cyberbullying can also lead to headaches in some kids.
Prevention is always better than finding a solution for cyberbullying. So, parents should work towards taking meticulous steps in keeping their kids safe. Now that there are mobile tracker apps like Phone Tracker, parents can get all the help they need when it comes to monitoring their child’s online activities. With the mobile tracker free app installed on the child’s phone, parents can feel safer. This is because they would have access to all the information they need to keep a close watch on their little ones.

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