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How to reduce your kids’ screen time in a subtle manner without aggravating them

Spy Phone at       Jun 7 2020 9:19PM

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How to reduce your kids’ screen time in a subtle manner without aggravating them

If your child spends a considerable amount of time in front of a screen, it’s a cause for concern. Spending more time in front of a screen has been found to have a negative impact on the overall development of children. It affects their physical and psychological health and can lead to serious health issues if left unchecked. With our apps, spy phone, spy phone app, and phone tracker, you can keep an eye on your child’s screen time. If you feel the need to step in and limit their screen time, here are ways to do it without aggravating them:

Be a role model

Kids are highly influenced by the behaviour of their parents, so if you want to reduce their screen time, you’re going to have to check your own digital use. You can’t expect them to pick up on the lessons you want them to while you’re always looking at a screen. That’s just going to end up confusing them.

Create tech-free zones

Establishing tech-free zones in the house like the living room or dining room early on and enforcing this as a rule for all members of the family will help reduce the amount of time your kid spends in front of a screen when they’re in such rooms. The fact that other family members also have to follow the same rule will prevent this from seeming unfair to your kid.

Set time limits and justify use

You must clearly establish time limits for your child’s screen time and ensure that they see it as a privilege and not a necessity. Time it in such a way that they have to get done with homework and other daily activities before sitting in front of the screen. You also want to set some rules about using devices before going to bed so that it doesn’t interfere with their sleep.

Spend more family time

Making spending quality family time a priority will result in lower screen time for your child while also improving family bonds. By spending more family time, you can be involved in your child’s life and establish a healthy relationship with them.

Encourage physical activity

Motivate your child to go out and play with others. You can even get involved in their physical activity by actually taking them out for activities. Whether it’s playing a sport or any other form of physical activity, your child will be less likely to spend their time in front of a screen if physical activity becomes a part of their daily routine.

Teach appropriate digital behaviour

Open communication with your child about the need to reduce screen time and the dangers that can result from it can also be an effective way to limit their screen time. While you’re at it, also communicate how to engage in healthy behaviours online and stay protected against the dangers of screen use.

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