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Internet Acronyms and Slangs Parents Should Know

Spy Phone at       Jul 3 2020 7:09PM


Internet Acronyms and Slangs Parents Should Know

The internet has its language, which is constantly evolving with each new generation. While you may be aware of the common slang and acronyms such as BTW and LOL, these are pretty old, and newer internet language has emerged among the kids and teenagers of today.

Here are some commonly used internet acronyms and slangs that you need to be aware of a parent.

• Netflix and chill
This isn’t as innocent as it sounds. When teens use this slang, it means they are getting together and hooking up. It is one of the most widely used slangs today.
In instances of cyberbullying, this acronym is commonly used. It stands for Kill Yourself. Parents should tell their kids not to use this and if anyone uses it on them, they should inform you immediately.
• 9, CD9, Code 9
If you see this on your kid’s phone, it means they are telling their friends that you are nearby. 9, CD9, or Code 9 is slang that means parents are around, so they probably can’t say or do something you wouldn’t approve of.
• 99
This means “parents are gone”. Your child could use it to signify to friends that you are no longer nearby or in the house so they are free from your supervision.
• Sliding into DMs
DM stands for direct message, so “sliding into DMs” means messaging someone privately instead of talking to each other publicly. Usually, sliding into DMs refers to chatting on social media.
• Sugarpic
This slang refers to a nude picture or any other picture that is suggestive or erotic. Teenagers today often use this slang while talking to their romantic interests.
WTTP is an internet acronym that stands for “Want to trade pictures?” Teens and kids often use this when talking to strangers online or when chatting with their romantic interests.
• Ghost
If you ghost someone, it means that you are ignoring them on purpose without providing an explanation or a reason.

• Geeked up
In teen slang, geeked up means getting high. This could refer to marijuana or other kinds of drugs.
These are just a few of the many internet slangs and acronyms. By using protection apps such as spy phone, spy phone app, and phone tracker, you can monitor if your child is using any of these and understand what is going on in their lives.

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