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Is It Possible to Raise Your Child Screen-Free?

Spy Phone at       Jul 4 2020 7:10PM


Is It Possible to Raise Your Child Screen-Free?

One of the most common concerns that many parents have today is whether or not they should allow their kids to have access to digital devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, video games, and TV. With so many young kids growing up getting addicted to screens, this is a very understandable and legitimate concern.
Excessive screen time can have serious repercussions after all, especially for kids whose brains and bodies are still developing. For healthy growth, they need the right kinds of stimulants, including physical activity and real-life social interactions, and sitting in front of a screen all day isn’t bringing any of that.
So, what can parents do to get their children off the screen? Is it possible to raise a child completely screen-free in today’s high-tech world?

Finding balance

It’s all about finding a balance. Going completely screenless and media less can be irrational and impractical for many families in a world where so much of what we do every day is linked or utterly reliant on the access of digital and online media.

Whether it is paying bills, shopping, keeping in touch with friends and family, reading, or for entertainment, digital media is required in some form or another in our lives. The key is to have strict rules and guidelines for your kids so that they don’t go overboard with their screen time.
Especially when it comes to unsupervised access to such devices, the risk for excessive use and exposure to damaging content is even higher. So, always make sure that your kids use their mobile phones, tablets or laptop around you.

Another effective way you can monitor your child’s screen time and internet usage is by installing protection apps such as spy phone, spy phone app, and phone tracker on their phones. These apps allow you to see which apps and sites your child is downloading or visiting, who they are talking to on their phone, provides you access to their contacts, and many more.

While it may not be realistic to go completely screen-free in your house, it is possible and very much achievable to balance the time you and your child spend in front of screens and instead spend more time bonding. By limiting their digital usage and providing clear rules and guidelines, it is possible for parents to raise a balanced and healthy child who is not addicted to screens and the internet.

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