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Is Your Kid Leaving for A Trip? Here’s How You Can Keep Them Protected

Spy Phone at       Jun 24 2020 2:02PM

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Is Your Kid Leaving for A Trip? Here’s How You Can Keep Them Protected

The thought on an upcoming school trip is exciting to a child, but terrifying for a parent. You’re constantly worried about their safety and well-being, and their ability to manage difficult and emergency situations. Although your parenting instinct is probably telling you to keep your child at home, you know very well that the experience of the trip carries many benefits for your child.

Rest assured, you can prepare your child so that they can safely enjoy their trip. Here’s how:

1) Equip them with Basic Knowledge
Your child should be able to recall basic identifying information such as your home address, contact number, cell number, etc. If your child is too young to remember this information, consider placing an ID bracelet on your child’s wrist or even an ID tag. This bracelet/tag will list the contact information.
2) Discuss a plan in case of separation
Talk to your child about what to do in case he or she gets separated from the group. First, encourage them to look around and find the closest place where they can make a purchase such as a book store, convenience store, retail shop, etc. People working in a shop usually have access to a phone and will be able to call you directly. Never encourage your child to walk around. This will scare your child and can deter them further from the group.
3) Talk about sources of help
Discuss who your child can seek out for help. As mentioned earlier, do not encourage your child to walk around looking for an adult or person in uniform. Instead, advise them to look around and look for a shop or place with a cash register. Approach the person at the shop or register, and ask them to help. If they cannot find a shop, ask them to look for a mom or dad with kids and to approach them instead. Encourage them not to scream for help as this may draw attention from predators.
4) Carry a Cell Phone
You may consider placing a cell phone in your child’s bag. Download a spy app so that you can easily track your child’s location during their field trip. In case your child is separated from the group, you will be able to find his/her location right away. Then you can quickly alert his/her teacher about their whereabouts.
By equipping your child with these tips, you’re arming them with practical solutions that can keep them safe on their field trip.

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