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How To Be A Role Model For Your Child When It Comes To Online Behaviors

Spy Phone at       Dec 1 2020 1:30PM

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How To Be A Role Model For Your Child When It Comes To Online Behaviors

Children copy, learn, and repeat things from the surrounding adults. It's very important for us adults to behave accordingly since we are influencing the next generation.
Nowadays, social media is something that is quite popular among teenagers, middle-aged people, and even senior citizens all around the world. There are a lot of social media platforms available to us for connecting to each other. Although, some people out there are taking advantage of these platforms and scamming innocent people. That's why we ourselves should be aware of the proper behavior and also guide the children for our own safety.
-Adding strangers
When adding someone to your friend list or contact list, you should always check for things like mutual friends, fake or real profiles, etc. It's very important to add people after a proper check on the profile. There are many fake profiles and also many profiles created by hackers, which are very dangerous to add. If we ourselves are aware of how to check the profile before adding them to our list, our children will learn the same and will be safe from fraud.
-Online scam and fraud
Everything is digitalized nowadays, starting from banking, shopping, etc. Online scams and fraud are very common nowadays because of the online world. That's why it's very necessary to maintain security. Things like not sharing OTP, keeping difficult passwords, etc can help you prevent yourself from online fraud and scams. Showing children the measures we are taking and explaining to them why and what happens if we don't helps them understand the things better.
-Data shared online
The data we share on social media should be something that's safe to share. Things like inappropriate pictures, videos, passwords, sexual content, valuable information should not be shared online at any cost. Teaching children about what you should not share on the internet and the consequences of sharing will help them stay safe in the future.
-Mental health
Maintaininga proper and fixed time on social media or the internet is very necessary for good mental health. Restricting the time we spend on social media to 3-4 hours is important to avoid negativity, depression, etc. If we restrict ourselves on the time we are spending on internet, our children will also learn to maintain a proper time.
Never get blindly addicted to the internet. This leaves a big negative impact on the children. They start thinking that being addicted to the virtual world and neglecting the real world is a good thing to do. Nothing is good if you overdo it.
-Proper guidance
Teaching the children about the do's and dont's of the internet is very necessary. Telling them the consequences and threats of the internet is important for their safety. Guiding them properly on what is right and wrong while using the internet, social media, etc is an essential part.
The internet has its positive points as well as negative points. Education, learning new things or making some good friends are the plus points, whereas fraud and cyberbullying are the negative points.
The negative points can be avoided easily if we adults are aware of the safety measures. Also, guiding the children and teaching them by showing or explaining properly can avoid a negative consequence easily. Go a step ahead and install a mobile tracker like Phone Tracker and connect it to your child’s phone. The mobile tracker free app can surely help you monitor your child’s safety.

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