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How to Teach Your Kids to Not Engage in Cyberbullying

Spy Phone at       Jul 8 2020 8:35PM


How to Teach Your Kids to Not Engage in Cyberbullying

Believe it or not, studies have found that at least 10-20% of students will indulge in cyberbullying at some point in their lives. In fact, researchers predict that the number may actually be higher. When you find that your child has been engaging in cyberbullying, you will most probably deal with a lot of confusing feelings yourself. However, it is important that you do not let these emotions affect the required behavioral interventions upon your child. You need to acknowledge that your child is indulging in problematic behavior and find ways to help them correct this. We discuss how you can teach your child not to engage in cyberbullying below.
Invest Time in Explaining to Them Why Cyberbullying is Wrong

Children often act without realizing the long-term impact of these actions. As adults, it is your responsibility to make your children understand how any form of bullying can severely harm another person's life and leave long lasting scars. Perhaps, your child will be less prone to engaging in cyberbullying activities if they were made aware of the deep impact it leaves on the victim’s psyche.

Make Them Aware of the Legal Implications

Your child might not be aware that cyberbullying is a legal offense with severe punishment decreed to anybody found guilty. While warning your kid to not participate in cyberbullying simply because they might have to face the legal consequences seems like a last ditch effort to prevent cyberbullying behavior, it is incredibly effective. Any use of technology is a privilege and you should let your child look at access to technology in the same way. Cybersecurity measures are enforced for a reason, and cyberbullying is in direct transgression against some of these rules.

Sit Them Down for a Conversation to Figure out their Motivation

If your child has been cyberbullying other kids, there has to be underlying causes that are making them participate in such negative behavior. As parents, you need to learn what the motivations behind their actions as a cyberbully is, so you can put a stop to it. Maybe they are being bullied themselves or need to learn empathy. Whatever it is, you need to make your child comfortable enough to share what is bothering them with you. Assure them of a patient listening without judgment and try not to criticize them harshly, but find ways to rectify their bullying behavior at the same time.
Your child should ideally feel apologetic for taking part in cyberbullying another, of their own after you're done having the above discussions with them. They shouldn't cease their negative actions simply for fear of being reprimanded.

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