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Gifting Your Adolescent Kid a Mobile Phone is More Bane than Boon

Spy Phone at       Jun 1 2020 11:13AM

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Gifting Your Adolescent Kid a Mobile Phone is More Bane than Boon

Declining mental health is a common problem among young adolescents of this age, and many people blame the rapidly increasing use of digital devices and social media. Today, it has become more or less a norm for young kids, even as young as 10 years old, to have their own mobile phones, but parents need to understand that this is likely to do more damage than good.

While it is irrational to completely ban your child from using smartphones in this day and age, you may want to reconsider when you should start allowing them to have access to their own phone. Many studies have found that excessive use of digital devices such as mobile phones can lead to stress and anxiety, feelings of insecurity, sleep loss and other adverse health effects, instances of cyberbullying, etc. among young adolescents.

A bunch of teenagers being together in the same room but being all stuck on their phones instead of talking to each other is a sight that is not uncommon. Digital spaces can be extremely immersive, and with the rising popularity of social media, it can be easy for young kids to be pulled in and become obsessed with the digital world until they stop paying attention to the real world.

This can have a huge impact on not just their mental health, but their overall quality of life. Many teenagers today suffer from depression, anxiety disorders, and other mental health conditions and excessive use of online channels accessed through their mobile phones is a driving factor.

Can controlled use of mobile phones make a difference?

So, how can parents ensure that young adolescents are not letting mobile phones become the bane of their lives? One way to do this is by permitting controlled use and becoming more involved in their digital engagement.

Lay down clear rules and guidelines with consequences. Your kids should be well aware of what they can and cannot do, how long they can use their mobile phones for in a day, and the consequences that will follow should they break these rules. It is also important that these rules are strictly followed every time so that the kids know just serious you are about them.
As a parent, you will know best whether your adolescent kid can handle a mobile phone. Considering the advantages it offers, it may be best to take a controlled approach instead of completely banning it.
You can also monitor your child’s activities using a spy phone app, spy phone, or a phone tracker.

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