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How to know if your kid stays on the mobile phone for unhealthy durations of time

Spy Phone at       Jun 5 2020 9:10PM

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How to know if your kid stays on the mobile phone for unhealthy durations of time

Mobile phone addiction is on the rise among people of all age groups. Nomophobia (no mobile phone phobia) is the fear of being without your phone and this condition is affecting more individuals each day. Extreme fear of being without one’s phone can result in disruption of daily life tasks and impact physical as well as psychological health. With more children using mobile phones today than ever before, it’s crucial for parents to track their children’s cell phone usage to see if it’s unhealthy. Here’s how you can do this along with some signs to watch out for:

Make use of parental apps

By using parental apps, you will get access to information about your child’s mobile phone use. Child protection apps can give you detailed history of your child’s phone use including information like:
• Their GPS location
• The websites they have viewed
• Contacts they’re communicating with
• Calls they’ve made and received

When you have such details with you, you’ll be able to decide whether their phone use is within healthy limits or if it exceeds the healthy duration of phone use.
We have the following child protection apps that can help you keep track of such details: spy phone, phone tracker, spy phone app.
Apart from using such child protection apps to keep track of how much they use their phone, you should also pay attention to certain signs that their phone use has turned unhealthy. These signs are:
They’re unable to control phone use

If your child is glued to their phone and has a difficult time putting it down, you know that they’ve been spending a lot of time on it. In extreme cases, children may even show withdrawal symptoms, throwing temper tantrums and wreaking havoc if their mobile phone is taken away.
Mobile phone usage is interfering with family time

If your child has reached a point where they’re prioritizing using their phone instead of getting involved in family activities like they used to, you know they’ve been spending too much time on their phone.

Their phone use is affecting socializing and other activities of their life
Their phone use may even reach a point where they no longer enjoy making real world connections or socializing the way they once did. They seem to be living in the world of their phone and need help getting out of it.
They rely on their phones to uplift their mood
If your child seems to be incapable of being soothed in any other way expect for looking into their phone screen, you can be sure that their phone usage has turned unhealthy.
They’ve started lying about their phone use
If you catch your child telling lies about their phone use, it’s a sign that they’re trying to hide something more serious and this signals unhealthy behaviour.
You must also be sure to check your child’s mobile phone use when they’re out at a friend’s house or elsewhere so that you can get a realistic idea of just how much time they spend on their phone.

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