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5 Common Symptoms of Too Much Screen Time Among Children

Spy Phone at       Sep 20 2020 7:28PM


5 Common Symptoms of Too Much Screen Time Among Children
Excessive screen time is one of the most common problems that children all over the world face today. Even for kids as young as 2 to 3 years, many parents are already having difficulty taking their children away from TVs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.
Considering that kids, whose cognition, emotions and physical developments can be seriously impacted by too much screen time, are so dependent on technological devices for their entertainment, it has become a huge cause of concern for many parents.
Here are the 5 signs you should look out for that could indicate that your kid is addicted to screens.
• Irritability and aggressive behvaior
One of the most common signs of excessive screen time among kids is overstimulation and this is most commonly expressed in the form of irritability and/or aggressive behavior. If your child finds it hard to sit still, has trouble concentrating, cries easily and regularly throws tantrums, then you may want to limit their screen time.
• Sleep problems
When kids stare at a screen for too long, it can have a severe impact on their sleep. They may find it difficult to fall asleep even though they may be extremely tired. Insomnia among kids is more common than you may realize and excessive exposure to digital media is to blame in many cases. Moreover, their sleep quality may get affected as well.
• Eye strain and headaches
Another common physical symptom to look out for is eye strains, vision problems and headaches. Too much screen time eventually takes its tolls on the eyes and your kid may have difficulty seeing or focusing their vision and have frequent headaches.
• Reacting poorly when screens are taken away
Does your child become aggressive, cry or throw tantrums when you take away their phones, tablets, laptops, or when you switch off the TV? Do they keep talking about the devices or what they do on the devices when you take it away from them? These could be signs that they are overdosing on digital media.
• Being stuck in front of a screen even when around others
If your child always chooses to play with their phone or tablet or watch TV instead of playing with their friends, spending time with you, or if they cannot control themselves even when they are in an appropriate time and place, it’s time you take measures to help them with their screen addiction. One of these measures is using apps such as spy phone, spy phone app, and phone tracker.

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