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Should you ask your kids to share their online passwords with you?

Spy Phone at       Jul 18 2020 8:14PM


Should you ask your kids to share their online passwords with you?

As your children browse the web, it’s more important to ensure you know what they’re up to. It’s normal for parents to be worried about their children’s online activity and many parents ask kids to share their online passwords in an attempt to track online behaviour of their kids. This has raised concerns on both sides with some people believing that it’s a violation of your child’s privacy and others believing that it’s necessary for the sake of keeping your child safe.

Yes, you should

On one side, it makes sense for you to ask your child for their online passwords because children are vulnerable and could become victims of unethical online activities. Your requirement for their password is motivated by your need to protect them and it’s crucial that you do a good job of this.
Cyberbullies can target your child and this is something you may never even get to know unless you also monitor their online activities. You also want to make sure that your child is not being influenced to partake in unhealthy behaviours like substance abuse. The internet is full of sexually explicit content and there are sexual predators online who may lure your kid into believing that they’re friends but end up using them for sexual favours. You don’t want to be in a situation where you’re left wondering about the safety of your kid.
Your child may also end up sharing personal information with people online without realizing the consequences of such actions. All these factors make it necessary for you to have access to their accounts by knowing their online passwords.
No, you shouldn’t
Some may argue that children are entitled to their privacy and may just end up feeling awkward and masking their true selves if they know that their parents have access to their accounts online. Children can also end up creating fake profiles online so that their parents don’t have access to their online activity.
This is why it’s so important to ensure online literacy among kids and enable them to think critically and make sound judgements regarding their activities online.
Despite the privacy issues, having access to the online passwords of your children is especially important for younger kids, who are more vulnerable to victimization online. You can also keep track of their online activity through apps like spy phone, spy phone app, and phone tracker and enjoy peace of mind knowing that they’re safe.

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