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Steps to Ensure Your Teen Child is Safe When Home Alone For the Weekend

Spy Phone at       Sep 4 2020 1:36PM


Steps to Ensure Your Teen Child is Safe When Home Alone For the Weekend

If you have to go out of town for the weekend, leaving your teen child home alone can be worrisome. As a parent, your natural response would be to be concerned for the safety and security of your teen child who would be staying home alone. Especially if this is the first time they would be alone for the weekend, you may want to take extra steps to make sure they are safe.
Here are a few steps that you can take to ensure that your teen child is safe when home alone for the weekend.
• Have a complete emergency contact list
Even though it’s not the most pleasing or exciting, it’s always better to prepare for the worst and one of the first steps is to have a completes list of emergency contacts. This includes who to call for common situations such as a fire, a break-in, health concerns, a sick pet, a furnace breakdown, etc. You can also include the number of family friends, neighbors and relatives on the list.
• Make sure they know basic fire safety tips
Fire is a very common occurrence so make sure that your teen child knows the basic fire safety tips such as where the fire extinguisher is, how to use it, how to get out of the house safely in case of a fire, basic candle safety, etc. Just as it is important for them to know what to, it is also important to be aware of what not to do.
• Don’t let them tell anyone they are alone
Explain to your teen child the dangers of telling people, especially people they don’t know, that they are alone for the weekend. If they have to answer the door or pick up a call, they shouldn’t tell anyone that they are home alone and instead say things like “my mom is busy with work right now” or “my dad is in the shower”.
• Use child protection apps
A great way to always keep track of your child and monitor their safety when they are home alone for the weekend is to use child protection apps such spy phone, spy phone app, and phone tracker. These apps can share your teen child’s location with you, allows you access to their contacts and tells you who they are talking to on their phones, among other things.

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