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Top Tools To Use When You Want To Limit Your Kids’ Screen Time During Exam Week

Spy Phone at       Jan 26 2021 6:10PM


Top Tools To Use When You Want To Limit Your Kids’ Screen Time During Exam Week

Proper management of screen time is essential when it comes to your kids. This necessity increases manifold when exams are just around the corner. An adequate communication, setting a few (fair!) ground rules are quite necessary before you set boundaries on their screen time.
This is not as difficult as it sounds when you have the best technological tools to back you up! Here we are listing the top three phone spy tools that might help you minimize the screen time of your children.

Rogers Ignite Wi-Fi Hub
When your teen kid is throwing tantrums before his exam, why don’t you pause his device from reaching the internet? You can go for a deal to resume the internet after he finishes his study!
Other than merely specifying limits to your kids’ screen time, the Ignite WiFi hub phone spy will let you make this deal with your kid. There is a push notification system, which will give you a warning if your kid is about to reach the specified internet limit. Did you know that you can also block any harmful use with this application?
“Screen Time” Feature For Apple Users
If your kids are users of the iPhone or iPad, then there is an in-built feature to limit the screen time. You can either set the app from your kids’ phone or your own. This feature will also allow you to set limits for particular apps, say WhatsApp or YouTube only!
A Bonus SpyFone!
Apart from limiting screen time, if you want to put parental control on your kids’ phone, then there is a very special spy phone app. The SpyFone app lets you monitor GPS, Contacts and Apps of your kids’ device. With this application, your kid will not feel a privacy breach because he is well aware of this phone spy app existing in his phone!

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