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What are Parental Controls and How Do They Work?

Spy Phone at       Jul 14 2020 8:08PM


What are Parental Controls and How Do They Work?

Kids today begin using the Internet from a very young age. Now, while this has its advantages, it has its disadvantages too. The Internet is a treasure trove of information and media, but not all of it is appropriate to be consumed by young children. It is up to parents to filter the content that their children are exposed to, and protect them from coming across media/information that they haven't acquired the skills to process yet. In such situations, Parental Control becomes an indispensable tool for parents and other adult caregivers to use to protect their wards. While you can talk to children of certain ages and help them build responsible online behavior and digital resilience, children who are exceptionally young will require more active restrictions in place.
Parental Controls refers to digital tools and software which allow parents to place controls on their children’s Internet usage. As a result, the children are prevented from being displayed unsuitable content. Some common ways in which Parental Controls work are discussed below.

Common Functions of Parental Controls

Parental Controls are essentially of three kinds – Network level controls, device level controls and application controls. Here’s how they can be used –
• Network level controls can prohibit your child from accessing websites with age-inappropriate content and other webpages that have been certified for usage for older individuals.
• Device level controls can stipulate the number of hours that a particular device can be used by the child. For eg: Parents can specify the number of hours for which they’d like their child to be using the computer. When they’ve put Parental device controls in place, the computer automatically shuts down after it has reached this usage limit, preventing the child from accessing it any longer.
• Application controls can be set for apps where parents can dictate which facilities of an app will be available for usage when their child accesses it.
Parental Controls can be a convenient way of limiting your child’s access to content on the Internet. You can also activate it to keep your devices safe from malicious malware attacks. Parents are recommended to carefully decide on how much curbs they'd like to put on their children when it come to digital media usage. It is important for them to tow a healthy balance, preventing overexposure but not limiting exposure. Once they've come to this conclusion, they can use Parental Controls effectively to keep their children safe and secure. The child will not have to be subject to a lack of access, just healthy monitoring of the access provided to digital technology.

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