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What to Do if Your Child is Cyber Bullying Other Kids

Spy Phone at       Jul 6 2020 7:13PM

cyber bullying

What to Do if Your Child is Cyber Bullying Other Kids

Is your child a cyber bully? A cyber bully is someone who uses IT and digital communication media to continually and intentionally harass, humiliate, threaten or harm others. Don’t be shocked if your child has been cyberbullying. Research has found that as many as 10-20% of students will participate in some or the other form of cyberbullying in their lifetime. Infact, the number is suspected to actually be higher than the estimate made. Essentially, this means that many parents will have to struggle with the realization that their child has been engaging in acts of cyber bullying. How should you be coping with this information and what are the steps you can take to address this problem? Let’s find out.

Don’t Live in Denial

Parents often become part of the problem and actually indirectly encourage the cyberbullying activities of some kids by turning a blind eye to them. Yes, it could be difficult to acknowledge that your child is a cyberbully but denying this to yourself, despite glaring evidence to support their cyber bullying is doing them and yourself a disservice. Only when you honestly acknowledge that your child is in need of behavioral interventions will you be able to effectively bring about positive change into how your child interacts with the world.

Compartmentalize Your Own Feelings

When you are trying to achieve a successful behavioral intervention in your child’s life, you need to leave your own feelings out of it. The discovery of your child’s bullying habits might have brought you immense grief and guilt, but when you try to interact with them in order to change their behavior, you need to be rid of these to focus solely on their needs, motivations and actions. Keeping your reactions separate will help you concentrate on your child to the degree required, to effectively understand why they did what they did and then find ways to cater to the same needs in a healthier manner.

Help them Understand why their Actions were wrong

Often children act in ways without really comprehending how their actions can leave a lasting impact on those around them. It is possible that your child has been cyberbullying other kids without really understanding how they could be negatively affecting their quality of life almost permanently. Sit your child down and make them understand why such behavior is wrong and why they should alter their behavior organically. Cosmetic behavioral changes for victim appeasement will not make the problem go away. You need to really be able to help them to an understanding of why bullying and preying on another is wrong.

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