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Which parenting style is the best and the worst?

Spy Phone at       Jun 16 2020 8:34PM


Which parenting style is the best and the worst?

For a child, initial upbringing has a considerable influence on how she grows up to be an adult. The parenting style affects the child both emotionally and physically. If the parenting style is draining out the child emotionally and is affecting the child on how she feels about herself will directly impact her physical health. The child may start to eat less, is not interested in playing outdoor games, and even hesitate to socialize. There are few broad categories on the parenting styles, which is the outcome after numerous researches done on this subject.

Different parenting styles

Consider yourself following the authoritative parenting style if strict rules are set out to our child to follow. With these clearly defined rules and boundaries, if you are expecting certain outcomes and you are providing positive feedback to your child after listening to what the child has to say for certain rules then the authoritative style is being followed. Some parents are known to use spy phone like the Apple smartphones, which has inbuilt functionality to track the child on the map. Through this, they ensure the child is not wandering off after the classes and is coming home directly as per the restrictions set at home. The researchers have pointed out that this is an effective parenting style as it is found that the kids are healthier and rate higher on mental scores.

On the similar lines to authoritative parenting style, if you still have the rules set out but not willing to listen to your kids and believe no matter what the kids must follow the rules or face the consequences, then you have adopted the authoritarian parenting style, commonly called the "Because I said so." style. The child may tend to become over-cautious, aggressive, and less creative as the mistakes committed will have punishments. It is found out that most of the parents with this style of parenting tend to track the whereabouts of the child through the digital spy phone apps. Parents want to know the social apps the child has installed on the phone, the websites they have viewed and the purchases they have made. Though it might not seem right, parents keeping an eye on the activities in this digital era seems appropriate but shouldn’t extend beyond the limit where the child starts to feel insecure.

Do you usually grant whatever your child asks for or wishes to have? If your immediate answer is “Yes”, then the parenting style you are following is the permissive type. This style is common nowadays where we don’t get enough time to make the kid understand between desire and need. Over time this becomes difficult when the kid doesn’t get the homework done, questions what the parents are saying, and refuses to take the responsibilities shouldered on him. So, parents must not stick to this style of parenting alone and must be a little more authoritative in the upbringing.

So, each of these styles has its own pros and cons. It will not be appropriate to conclude which parenting style is the best. Depending on the parent's cultural background and her personal beliefs, a single or a combination of parenting styles may suit her. But, ultimately, follow the style in which the child is emotionally and physically balanced, and the style which is liked by both the child and the parent.

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