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Why you should always know who your child’s friends are online

Spy Phone at       Jun 22 2020 8:20PM

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Why you should always know who your child’s friends are online
As more children have begun browsing the web, parents seem to be more concerned about the online behaviours of their children. Children today, go online for almost everything. If it’s some information they’re seeking, they can find it online easily. They can also create accounts on social media and interact with people online. This makes it crucial for you as a parent, to know who your child befriends online. Here are some good reasons why keeping track of your child’s online friends makes sense.
Strangers online can steal confidential information
There are many strangers online who may try to befriend your child and lure them into sharing their personal details such as phone number, address, and other crucial information. Your child may be too innocent to figure out what’s really happening and may get lured by the tactics used by these strangers. They may truly believe that these individuals online are their friends and may get drawn to doing something that compromises their safety for the sake of friendship. As a parent, knowing about such “friends” will help you identify their motives and make your child aware of the dangers of interacting with such people.
Cyberbullying is on the rise
With the growing use of online media, people find it easier to hide behind their screens and bully others. Your child may be at a higher risk of being cyber-bullied when you have no idea who they’re interacting with online. The worst part is that they may not even fully understand that they’re being cyber-bullied. They could become unsuspecting victims in cyberbullying crimes. This can have a massive impact on their confidence, self-esteem, and mental health. Stress from victimization can even compromise their physical health. Apart from cyberbullying, your child could also be a victim of many other cyber-crimes when you’re not monitoring their online friends.
The internet can have sexual predators
There is no dearth of sexual predators online and this poses a massive risk to your child’s safety. Sexual predators can feign friendship with your child in an attempt to take advantage of their innocence and you need to watch out for them so that you can protect your child better.
Your child could be in bad company
When you’re not keeping track, your child could end up making the wrong kind of friends and be influenced to engage in unethical behaviours due to peer pressure. It may seem “cool” to do something that the larger friend circle is doing, but falling into the wrong company can have long term consequences on your child.
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