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How to Give Your Child More Freedom Without Losing Control?

Spy Phone at       Sep 4 2020 1:32PM


How to Give Your Child More Freedom Without Losing Control?
As a parent, the need to protect your kid comes naturally to you. You wish to keep them safe from all harm and all types of bad things in the world and you may be tempted to paint this rosy picture of the world for them.
However, this is often not the healthiest approach. Not only do they have an unrealistic idea about the world, living in their own protected bubble, they miss out on the chance to explore on their own, solve their own problems, learn decision-making with adult direction and through all this, trust themselves.
It is crucial that children are given the space and freedom to do all these and it’s possible to do them without losing parental control. Here are a few ways you can do so:
• Don’t be a helicopter parent
It can be easy to become an overprotective, over-involved parent in your desire to protect your child, but this often comes at the cost of their freedom. Helicopter parenting often makes your child feel suffocated and over-burdened. Hovering over their every move without giving them their own space will only result in children with low self-esteem and low confidence.
The key is to be a parental figure in their lives while also giving them the right amount of freedom. For example, if you want to limit their screen time, instead of banning mobile phones, you can set guidelines and use child protection apps like spy phone, spy phone app, and phone tracker.
• Guide them, don’t direct them
There is a difference between guiding your children and directing them with orders. It is important to understand that they are their own individuals with their own feelings, beliefs, and desires. Just because they are kids doesn’t mean you can just command them to do anything you want them to do like robots.
Parents should learn how to give their kids more freedom by providing them with the essential skills, knowledge, and resources that they will need to be independent instead of directing them with orders, telling them exactly what to do at every turn.
• Allow room for spontaneity
While having a schedule to provide some sort of structure to their day is important, it is equally important to leave room for spontaneity. Your kids don’t have to stick to a strict schedule every time. Allow them to go on spontaneous adventures with friends or together as a family, whether it’s playing outside and inventing their own games, going on family road trips, etc.

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