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Increased screen time is making your kid unhealthy

Spy Phone at       Jun 9 2020 9:25PM

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Increased screen time is making your kid unhealthy

With technological advances, children today are spending more time in front of their screens than earlier. Gaming, social interactions, and even learning happen today through the use of digital media and this requires kids to spend more time looking at their screens. This is only ending up making kids unhealthy, both physically and psychologically.

Here’s how:

Difficulty sleeping

Blue light emitted from screens signal daytime to the body, causing the body to feel awake even when it’s actually time to sleep. Staring at phone screens before going to bed can also interfere with sleep as our mind fixes on notifications and latest updates read on phones. Children end up falling asleep later than required due to phone use and this hampers the optimal amount of sleep they should be getting.

Increase in weight

Looking at a screen puts kids into a sedentary lifestyle where they aren’t really going out and engaging in activities that require physical movement. They spend hours sitting in front of a screen and this leads to kids becoming overweight or obese, increasing their risk of health concerns like diabetes and cardiovascular issues.
Aggression and other behavioural issues

Children who end up watching violent content on their screens are more likely to end up engaging in acts of violence and develop behavioural issues. The health toll of looking at a screen can also complicate the issue and cause kids to behave in uncharacteristic ways.

Problems with vision
Dry eye disease and computer vision syndrome are just some of the vision problems that kids can develop from constantly staring at a screen throughout the day.
Aches & pains

An increase in screen time can lead to aches and pains from sitting in specific postures and being exposed to electronic devices. Migraines, pain in the thumb and neck region from repeatedly looking at a screen can worsen with age, leading to more serious back pain, arthritis and other issues.
Poor cognitive functioning

The EMF exposure to the brain can lead to impaired memory, attention, learning, information processing, which delays cognitive development and leads to academic underachievement in children with high screen time exposure.

Lack of social skills and poor relationships

Socio-emotional development is also affected as kids become immersed in the world of their screens and don’t take time out to socialize in the real world. This can lead to formation of poorer relationships with others which can affect one’s sense of self later on in life.

Mental health issues

Children who are more exposed to screens tend to have higher rates of depression, anxiety, ADHD, and mood disorders than those who invest in healthy relationships in the real world. Constant comparisons in the digital world can affect kids’ self-esteem and even lead to suicidality in extreme circumstances.
To avoid these harmful effects, make sure you monitor your child’s screen time. Our apps, spy phone, phone tracker, and spy phone app help you do this easily. Not only will you be able to check how long they’re looking at their screens, but you’ll also be able to get an understanding of who they’re interacting with, which websites they’re visiting, and the calls they’re making and receiving.

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