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7 Facts About Cyberbullying You Probably Didn’t Know

Spy Phone at       Dec 7 2020 12:10PM


7 Facts About Cyberbullying You Probably Didn’t Know
Gone are the days of ganging up against the scrawny kid in an abandoned playground. Bullying has upped its game and taken it to the internet. Bringing technology into the picture puts us all in danger, irrespective of our body type. The internet is everywhere and that means cyberbullying is also everywhere.
Now this is what you need to know to be wary of the bullying of the 21st century:
The more you know
1) Federal laws against cyberbullying are more often than not passed after a tragic aftermath - aka suicide. That’s a little too late isn’t it?
2) Cyberbullying is easier to hide - for both the bully and victim.
Do not underestimate the power of anonymity on the web. On that note, understand that your children are unlikely to approach you if they are being bullied. Applications like SpyFone solves issues that need to be addressed early on.
3) Thanks to mainstream media (chick flicks), cyberbullying is often looked at as a “girl thing".
This perpetuates stereotypes that only women will be motivated enough to go to such great lengths to destroy someone’s life. But studies say otherwise, since a simple hate comment is also bullying. The spy phone app is for everyone irrespective of gender - cyberbullying doesn’t discriminate.
4) Online bullying is a prime example of the snowball effect.
A simple hate comment may be how it started but that eventually translates to real life. Also, the victim may be subject to both online and social bullying. The toxic formula has rendered victims feeling insecure and alone well into adulthood.
5) If you have ever been subject to bullying, first hand or second, it’s hard to believe the bullies need help too.
In fact, fighting back may be an automatic reaction. But the second you hit back or upload a retaliatory hate post, it becomes a show. Audiences begin to take sides and treat bullying like a spectacle. And before you know, netizens have moved on to the next online catfight.
6) Contrary to a popular defeatist notion, there are numerous ways to curb online bullying.
It’s not a matter of luck or chance. One is teaching proper online etiquette and digital empathy, and the other is to be aware of what your child does on a device that you, as guardians, have provided. This is where phone spy apps step in.
7) Cyberbullying is not a part of the high school experience. It is a crime punishable by law.

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