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More Quality Time with The Family Can Keep Your Child Off the Web

Spy Phone at       Dec 1 2020 1:43PM

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More Quality Time with The Family Can Keep Your Child Off the Web
A Pew Research Centre survey of 2020 mentions that increased online access has made parenting harder. In fact, two-thirds of U.S parents concur with this and further blame technology like smartphones and social media. Having access to smart devices, children have easy access to the World Wide Web. Parents are concerned that their children will be a target of cyberbullying, sexual predators and exposed to violent or sexually explicit content early on in life.
So, what then is the solution? Quality time and bonding with kids! More quality time with the family can keep your child off the web.
Importance of quality time:
The importance of quality time cannot be underestimated. By spending time with your kid, bonding with him, you convey the message that he is important. Listening to the concerns of the child helps him feel secure.
Bonding, if done right, instills moral values and builds character. Children are less likely to indulge in risky behavior like drugs, alcohol or becoming victims of online predators.
So how can you ensure that the child spends more quality time with the family? Here are a few creative ways to help you out.
· Develop A Routine: You and your child should set a routine to bond over activities. It could be a bedtime ritual like reading a book or a morning routine like dusting the house, folding clothes, gardening etc. You could also let the kid help you prepare a meal. This daily routine can be as short as 10-15 minutes or even longer, depending on your daily schedule.
· Bond in Nature: Spend some time in nature. You could go for nature walks with him, head down to a beach or cycle to a nearby park. Wonderful things happen in nature every minute. Share such stories with him. Such routines help the child appreciate nature and you.
· Play Board Games: Remember when there was no internet and you spent your childhood with board games like Scrabble, Chess and Monopoly? Do the same with your kid. Play and have fun with him. It is one of the best ways to get closer to the child.
· Hug them: Appreciate your kid daily by giving him a hug and letting him know your feelings. Share your day with him and give him a chance to share his routine as well.
· Join them online: Teach the child responsible internet behavior and rules for safe conduct on the internet. Befriending strangers in chat rooms, sharing personal information, sending pictures is a strict no-no. You could do this by spending time with the child online. Also install mobile tracker apps on his phone to track his online activities. There are mobile tracker free apps like Phone Tracker that can be installed on smartphones.
Quality time builds up your child’s self-worth, and he or she is less likely to become a victim of online predators. Also, it reduces screen time as he gradually gets interested in different hobbies and activities.

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