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How Does too Much Screen Time Affect Your Child's Physical Health?

Spy Phone at       Jun 24 2020 8:24PM


How Does too Much Screen Time Affect Your Child's Physical Health?

Children spend a considerable amount of time viewing television, computer, smartphone, tablets, and such digital devices, and the time so spent is called screen time. The situation is exacerbated by stay-at-home orders across the world due to the Covid-19 crisis.
Limited and meaningful screen time for children may be entertaining, source of new learning and may enhance creativity. But longer screen time will have many adverse effects. Research findings suggest that children under 2 years must not be exposed to screen for over one hour a day. If possible there should not be any exposure at all. Those who are above 2 years should also be restricted to 2 hours of on-screen time in a day. In order to ensure that children follow appropriate screen time schedules, parents may have to play the role model by limiting their own screen time.
Some of the common outcomes of long screen time are as follows:
Ø The obvious consequence of long screen time is less physical activity. Children on more screen time may end-up overeating. Also they may be fascinated by junk food commercials. These factors lead to weight gain.
Ø Children require minimum eight hours of quality sleep. It is found that on screen light delays sleep. Deficient sleep has many negative effects such as depression, behavioral change and weight gain. A part of emitted light is also known as “blue light”. Researchers are of the view that high exposure to blue light may seriously affect the sleep pattern and overall health.
Ø More on screen time means that the children are interacting less with others including friends. They lose ability to socialize and do not learn the process of building healthy relationship. In the long run this may lead to depression.
Ø The content delivered through online media may not be appropriate for children. Some content may create violent mindset in them causing physical injury to themselves and others.
Ø Neck pain is a very common outcome of more on screen time. It is due to the inevitable body posture to view the content.
Ø Dry and irritable eye is another impact of long on screen time. This is because children may not blink frequently while viewing the content. Short sightedness is another potential threat.
Ø The distraction caused by more screen time leads to reduced attention span. It affects academic performance and self-confidence.
Use of eyeglasses may be a safety option but the most desirable option to reduce screen time is developing discipline.

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