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Determining Your Parenting Style

Spy Phone at       Oct 4 2020 10:23PM


Determining Your Parenting Style
Not all parents are the same and each parent may have a preferred approach to bringing up their kids. These approaches are referred to as parenting styles. According to psychology, there are four main parenting styles under which all parents can be categorized.
If you have ever wondered what kind of a parenting style you are adopting, this will give you a clearer understanding. Below are the four different parenting styles.
• Permissive parenting
Permissive parenting is where parents are very nurturing, warm, and responsiveness. They let their kids do almost anything they want without repercussions and give them a lot of freedom. They hardly set any rules or guidelines. This approach is also known as indulgent parenting.
While permissive parenting can have a lot of benefits such as allowing children space for self-expression, building autonomy, etc., it can also get out of hand very easily and lead to self-regulation and disciplinary issues if parents are not cautious.
• Authoritarian parenting
This type of parenting style is also known as disciplinary parenting. Authoritarian parents are very strict and leave little to no room for negotiation. They expect their children to follow the many rules they have set and in the event of failure to abide by the rules, punishment always follows.
Parents who are disciplinarians are often less nurturing and hardly have open and honest communication with their children. This type of parenting often results in children who are rebellious, emotionally withdrawn, low self-esteem or they could be highly dependent on rules and authority.
• Authoritative parenting
Authoritative parenting is like the middle ground where authoritarian parenting and permissive parenting meet. It is often seen as the most desirable style of parenting. These kinds of parents are nurturing and warm, yet very reasonable. They don’t give their kids complete freedom and instead set their rules and expectations very clearly and make sure that their kids understand them.
Authoritative parents encourage a two-way communication where children are encouraged to express their beliefs and opinions. They tend to raise children who are independent and self-disciplined. For example, instead of enforcing a complete ban on digital media, they would rather let their kids use their phones in a controlled manner by using apps like spy phone, spy phone app, and phone tracker.
• Uninvolved parenting
Uninvolved parenting is a style of parenting where you give your child a lot of freedom to the point that you are more or less uninvolved in their lives. Parents are less nurturing and set little to no expectations from their children. Communication is also mostly limited.
While some parents choose to consciously bring up their children this way, there are some who adopt this style of parenting out of a lack of interest.

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