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What is your child actually doing online

Spy Phone at       Feb 12 2021 7:22PM

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What is your child actually doing online

The modern child is often seen online. Being online means being present on the internet. It can be any social media platform, or a browser, or even online gaming. There are so many engaging content sites and activities that pull children towards the internet. Sadly, this is not a black and white zone. There is a lot of mixture of good and bad content. As it is difficult to track sources on the internet, a lot of negative and harmful content also floats on the web.

What does your child say about being ‘online’?

Almost every child with a smartphone is online. The Internet has become a necessity rather than a privilege. With the popularity of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc, the attraction to the web has increased. There are accounts of many young children on such platforms and other gaming hubs.
Younger children are naïve and vulnerable. They do not have the maturity to differentiate between a genuine approach and a manipulated one. They might say that they are innocently using their browser for searches and their social media for genuine connections. They might be sharing pictures with whom they perceive as friends.
There are also cases where children do not reveal their online behavior to their parents. It can be due to many reasons. Sometimes they know they are following a shady path. At times, they do not want their parents to know about their online lives. Other times, it can be because they are themselves confused about their digital behavior.

How to know what is your child actually doing online?

As parents know, the internet is quite a risky ground. While the web has its pros, its cons can not be ignored, especially when your child is in question. It is important to understand what your child is doing on the web. Many wrong online choices can lead to serious consequences. Such incidents leave a mark on the psychological functioning of the child.

The foremost step is to have an open discussion with your child. Explain to them about the dark side of the internet, and teach them about cybersecurity. If you are still concerned that your child is hiding information, it is good to opt for a spy phone app.
Through a phone spy, you can understand the direction of your child’s thinking and actions. A spy phone app is a great way to know what your child is actually following online, and how it is going to impact him/her. With proper tools and guidance, your family can take advantage of the bright side of the internet and stay away from the negative side.

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