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Reasons for aggressive behaviour in kids

Spy Phone at       Oct 4 2020 10:21PM


Reasons for aggressive behaviour in kids
Aggressive behaviour in kids can be a symptom of an underlying condition. It could be a result of a medical problem, an underlying psychiatric condition or difficult life circumstances.
Children can display aggressive behaviour if:
• They are exposed to abuse. Any abuse, be it physical, sexual or verbal could lead to aggressive outbursts in kids.
• Children who have neglectful parents also tend to show aggressive behaviour. If they do not have a supportive home environment and parents who give them attention, they can often resort to aggressive behaviour.
• If a child is exposed to emotional trauma or if the child is under constant stress, then also they may display aggressive behaviour
• Being a bully or a victim of bullying can also lead to aggression
• Medical research indicates that there is a genetic predisposition to violent behaviour. If it is genetic, then the child might display signs of aggression.
• Use of alcohol or other illegal substances can also make kids aggressive
• Media like films and television greatly influence kids. Violence in movies or television can encourage kids to behave aggressively.
• If you have weapons at home like guns or crossbows, your child may be prone to using these weapons
• Almost all kids these days play video games. Violent video games often lead to aggressive behaviour in kids.
• Certain mental health conditions like ADD, ADHD or bipolar disorder can also lead to aggressive behaviour in children
How can you prevent aggressive behaviour in kids?
Research shows that a lot of aggressive behaviour can be reduced if the above causes can be eliminated. It is very important to stop exposing kids to violence, be it at home or through digital media.
Here are some ways that you can lessen aggressive behaviour in kids:
• Use programs such as parent training or other family support groups to prevent child abuse. Parent training programs help you improve your parenting through better communication and problem-solving skills.
• Adolescents should be given sex education at the right time. Parents can use parent training programs to be better at imparting such information.
• If your child displays violent behaviour, early intervention is a must. Analyse your home environment to see if it is causing such behaviour. You must also get your child checked by a specialist for any underlying mental health conditions.
• Monitor your child’s screen time including smartphones, tablets, TV and movies. Use spy phone or any other spy phone app to keep a track of your child’s online activities. You may also use a phone tracker app to keep an eye on where your child is.

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