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Why You Shouldn’t Allow Phones at The Dinner Table

Spy Phone at       Oct 29 2020 11:49PM


Why You Shouldn’t Allow Phones at The Dinner Table
As of today, a person’s cell phone has become an indispensable part of their daily life. Be it work or any other engagement, people find the need to be available on call and text all throughout the day. But, extending this to the dining room is definitely a bad choice.
Lately, we find our children also falling prey to the lure of the smartphone and we find them looking down at their screens at any given moment of the day. In all fairness, this is the generation of virtual interaction and we cannot completely limit kids from using their cell phones. But what we can do is to restrict cell phone use in certain places and during certain times of the day.
It is common to find parents handing over iPads and iPhones to their kids in a restaurant to keep them engaged and happy. But eventually, this leads to a sort of addiction for the child, who feels entitled to screen time even in the presence of family members.
Right from the get go, parents should lay down strict rules regarding phone use at meal time. This helps children remain attentive to the family, while also paying attention to their food and nutrition.
A family meal should be viewed as an event in itself, rather than a daily compulsion. Family members should learn to help out the person who is preparing the dinner by setting up the table and showing appreciation for their hard work.
How to navigate ‘No Phones at the Dinner Table’
If you’re the parent of a teenager or adolescent, it may be harder to convince them to stay away from their phones for extended periods of time. The best way to navigate this is to stress upon why you’re laying down such rules. Instead of outright banning cell phones, make your child understand why such a habit is bad for them. Furthermore, you can spruce up meal time by making it an opportunity to -
• Discuss everyone’s day
• Find out how your child is doing at school
• Ask for your child’s opinion on different matters
• Allow for self-expression
• Share values and important lessons
• Engage in fun stories about your own childhood
Using cell phones at the dinner table is definitely bad manners, and for a child, such a habit can cause them to become socially and emotionally distant. Set down meal time rules well in advance and instil in your children the value of quality family time.

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