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How to find out which parenting style works best for your family?

Spy Phone at       Jun 25 2020 8:25PM


How to find out which parenting style works best for your family?
The Parenting Style does affect the well-being and mental status of your child. Parenting style is also very important in the overall growth and development of your child as the way the child is brought up would significantly influence how he or she becomes as an adult and leads his or her life. According to researchers, there are mainly four types of Parenting Styles viz Authoritarian, Authoritative, Permissive, and Uninvolved. Each Parenting Style has different characteristics and lay different approaches to raising the child.
Here are a few details about each of these parenting styles in brief:-
1. Authoritarian Parenting – Such parents believe in strict adherence to rules and regulations set by them for their children and just cannot accept any exceptions. They also do not believe in any kind of negotiation and just do not listen to the issues or challenges faced by their children.
2. Authoritative Parenting – Authoritative parents are those who lay specific rules for their children to follow and use consequences to impart teachings but also do take the child’s opinion into account. They believe in creating a cohesive and fruitful environment for their children and allow kids to express their emotions as well. They prefer to invest time and effort for the sake of the well-being of their child rather than face issues later. Praising and reward methodology is part of Authoritative parenting tactics.
3. Permissive Parenting – Permissive parents are considered as lenient and they usually only step in when it gets too serious. Such parents are quite forgiving and seldom do use consequences or reward systems as a tactic of dealing with their kids. Such parents often allow a lot of privileges to their child and often fall to their child’s demands. In the Permissive Style, the parent becomes more of a friend rather than a parent. Such parents also fail to teach what’s good and what’s bad to their children.
4. Uninvolved Parenting - Uninvolved are those parents who are mostly unaware of where their child is and what he or she may be doing. Children brought by Uninvolved parents usually don’t get much guidance, motivation, nurturing, or proper attention which becomes detrimental to their upbringing.
Of all the parenting styles, experts in child development have stated the authoritative parenting style as the most effective style to raise children. However, still, a majority of parents can’t comfortably adopt the Authoritative type and they strive for a combination of all the parenting styles. According to experts, what works best in the parent-child relationship is; flexibility. This involves adapting the parenting style by adopting a few best policies from all of the parenting styles.

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