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According to Report Teens use Texting as most common way to communicate

Spy Phone at       November 15, 2019

According to a Pew Report Survey in 2017

Texting is the most common and frequent way that teens communicate with all types of friends, from the ones they’ve just met to more established relationships. But teens haven’t abandoned phone calling. A recent Pew Research Center survey on teens, technology and friendship finds that phone calls are an important way that teens connect, particularly with their closest friends.

The survey asked teens to rank the types of contact information they would most commonly share with a new friend. About half of teens (52%) told us that a phone number for calling is one of the first three types of information they would share, but only 9% say this is the first contact information they would exchange. By comparison, 80% of teens share their phone number for texting with a new friend, and 54% say it is the first thing they would give to a new friend.

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