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Why online literacy is important for kids today

Spy Phone at       Jun 21 2020 8:18PM

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Why online literacy is important for kids today

Online literacy refers to the ability to understand and make use of the online world effectively. This is becoming more important with the advancement of technology as everyone seems to be operating an electronic device with internet connection today. There are many reasons to encourage online literacy among kids today, some of which are as follows:
Online literacy is a basic life skill
Today, online literacy has turned into a basic life skill. Whether it’s in school or at the workplace, it’s crucial keeping up with the pace of development in the world today. Educational institutions operate several online classes and students are required to do projects using information taken from online sources. This makes it necessary for kids to understand how to use the online world, including how to search for information and identifying credible sources of information.
Online literacy also ensures that they know about the ethical use of online resources and avoid plagiarism and other unethical behaviours in their work.
It helps them leave good digital footprints
Digital footprints are left behind easily and they’re easy to find by teachers, professors, and future employers. Such digital footprints can have a massive impact on the colleges they get accepted into as well as job prospects in the future. If kids want to make a good impression today, they need to make sure they have a good reputation, even in the online world.
It keeps them safe
Online literacy isn’t just about understanding how to use the online world. It also has a lot to do with understanding the dangers of the online world and how to stay protected against these dangers. Online literacy helps to educate children about cyber-bullying, the presence of sexual predators, and online scams that they can fall prey too. It also helps kids have an idea of what they can do if they are victims of such online behaviours and teaches them how to identify such behaviours so that they can avoid becoming a victim of these behaviours in the first place.
It also emphasizes the need for privacy and why personal information must never be shared with anyone online. It encourages kids to think critically so that they don’t just blindly believe everything that they come across online. This way, they’re less likely to be victims of several online scams or other predatory behaviours.
If you want to keep track of what your kids are up to online, you can do so using apps such as spy phone, spy phone app, and phone tracker. With these, you’ll get to know which websites your child is visiting, who they’re talking to, and what they’re up to when they’re online.

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