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What are some of the most common online threats that children face?

Spy Phone at       Jun 13 2020 8:31PM

cyber bullying

What are some of the most common online threats that children face?

The Internet is a fascinating place to be. We are so adapted to the internet that we can’t imagine the world without it. We buy, share, sell, opinionate, protest, and even find our partners on the internet.

Does that mean it is a safe haven for everyone?

Absolutely not. We keep hearing in the news how criminals are using the internet to cheat, swindle, abuse, and even kill people. Adults can find a way to absorb these onslaughts but it is the children who get affected severely. Below are some of the common online threats children are facing today.

Cyber Bullying
Cyberbullying is one of the widespread menaces that is affecting children today. A 2018 survey had shown that around 60% of children witness more than one form of bullying on the internet. Most of the bullying happens on social media and gaming platforms. The worrisome factor is that most children do not bring it to the notice of their parents.

Phishing is one of the biggest threats on the internet. Every internet user has come across some form of phishing in their life. Phishing tricks a user to click on a malicious link to collect personal data from his device or infuse virus. Adults may recognize these phishing tactics but children become easy prey to such tricks. Some cybercriminals even target websites that are frequently used by children and pop up notification or texts to force them to click.

Sexual Predators
The internet today is filled with not only criminals but also sexual predators. These predators hide behind fake names on social media and gaming platforms and lure kids into their trap. Once the children get caught into the web, they use them to douse their sexual desires. This severely affects a child’s growth and he may even be forced to take his own life.

Falling for Scams
If you thought online scams are just designed to swindle adults, then think again. Children may not get attracted to mails that offer millions of dollars but they would grab any opportunity to have a device, equipment, or free access to gaming platforms. Once they become victims of such scams, the criminals may manipulate children according to their whims and fancies. Like phishing, scammers too use social media and gaming platforms to lure children.

There are other online threats that may put your child in a dangerous position. Observing your child’s behavior, talking to him, and teaching him about the internet would keep him away from falling for internet threats.

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