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How Kids Can Use Technology Responsibly

Spy Phone at       Feb 17 2021 1:15PM

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How Kids Can Use Technology Responsibly

Today, we all spend most of our time glued to our digital devices, and our kids are no exception! With everything – from schools to social interactions to games – going the digital route, thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there’s no way we can stop our children from accessing their favorite device. However, we can definitely educate them to use the technology responsibly.

But what’s the right age? When can you start setting the guidelines? Well, the sooner the better. So, if your three-year-old can download and use an app on his own, he’s ready to understand the Internet-usage guidelines that you set for him. However, all discussions should be adjusted to match your child’s age and maturity. Setting up rules early-on has its own set of advantages too – it’s easy to set up rules and make your kids follow them. In fact, they’ll know that “this is how we do things here” in the family and on the internet.

Here are some ways to make your kids use the technology responsibly:

Sign a Contract

A pact is a pact – something that your kids would love to follow. Write down all the internet-usage rules on a piece of paper and sign it together. Explain everything and give them a chance to ask questions and raise concerns. Points that you may include in the pact include:
• Access to passwords
• Ascertaining internet use to specific hours
• Requiring permission before downloading anything
• Outlining activities that are allowed on the device

Discuss the Dangers

Even if your child is a toddler, it’s OK to explain him/her the dangers of the internet world. Let them know that they should never:

• Give away their personal information
• Befriend a stranger
• Post photos/videos without your prior consent
• Download apps or other digital content without your permission

Lead by Example

Children are great mimics. So when it comes to internet usage, practice what you preach:

• Stick to the daily allowed limit (while your daily permissible hours may be different from that of your child),
• Do not glare at your screen while eating
• Do not use your device while driving
• Always engage in healthy, meaningful conversations on social media

Your kids will soon follow in your footsteps and will grow up into responsible digital citizens.

Monitor, Monitor and Monitor

While it is a good idea to give your children their privacy, you must always stay vigilant about their online activities. Using parental control apps like a spy phone app, you can keep a tab on your child’s internet use and social media consumption. With oodles of features and parental control options, these phone spy apps can help you monitor and control your children’s internet usage 24X7.

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