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5 Chores That Can Keep Your Child Away from The Screen

Spy Phone at       Mar 29 2021 1:30PM

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Children have the best gift - childhood. This is when they're developing physically and mentally. And this makes it important to help them learn how to stay away from the screen. Because as much as mobiles, laptops, and TVs help, they also are not healthy in the long run.

If you're confused as to how to keep your child away from the screen, then you're in luck! In this article, we've discussed 5 basic chores that your child can do to keep away from the screen, along with developing good habits.

1. Tidying Up Their Room

This may be the most basic house chores you can use to keep your child busy & away from the screen. Encourage your child to regularly clean their room by throwing out the trash, putting the dirty clothes in laundry, keeping their toys in one place, etc.
This activity will also help to develop your child’s personality & develop a habit of staying organized.

2. Setting Their Book Stand

Help your kid(s) understand the importance of books by teaching him/her to keep their books organized in their book stand. You can also teach them to sort the books alphabetically or by author’s name. This can help develop your child’s mental ability along with keeping him/her away from the screen.

3. Fold Laundry

Yes, we know folding laundry can be too much work for your kid(s) & tiring too. But you can always ask him/her to fold small laundry, such as handkerchiefs, vests, or any other small garments.
This way you can help feel them involved & develop a habit of doing laundry - a much helpful thing to learn.

4. Run Down to The Grocery with You

Take your child for grocery shopping with you and ask him/her to pick up their favorite fruits and vegetables. Yes, your child may pick up something unhealthy, in that case, you can help them understand why it’s not wise to eat it.
Doing so can help your child develop a habit of buying groceries effortlessly as an adult. Along with it, all the time they spend at the grocery store will keep them away from the screen.

5. Organize the Toys

Take out time from your schedule to give your child all the time he/she needs to help them learn how to organize their toys each week. You can let your child decide which toys he wants to frequently play with and let him/her keep those in the room. Ask him/her to stack the rest of the toys in a big box or cupboard.
If you believe your child is spending way too much time on their phone, and you’re concerned about their online safety, consider installing a spy phone app. A phone spy can help you keep track of your child’s online activities without being too intrusive.

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