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Technology can increase their social awareness.

Spy Phone at       Feb 26 2021 1:10PM

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Don’t let your child live under a rock. Technology can increase their social awareness.

Would you like your child to live under a rock? Your answer will surely be no! No one would like their kids to be ignorant about what is going on in the world. Today’s world is one driven by technology. Kids are very fast when it comes to adapting to technology. While parents worry about the negative effects of technology, there is no doubt that the benefits it offers outweigh the disadvantages. This is why parents should be willing to allow their children to use technology.

Technology in education

The primary application of technology for children is in education. It helps students learn better. With the Corona pandemic and the resulting lockdowns, online learning has become more common. Teaching is happening online through Zoom sessions and other video conferencing software. Students use apps on their mobile phones to access online resources for learning. Teachers are also using digital tools to make learning more effective.

Apart from online classes, assessments are also being done online. All these have made kids more technology savvy. Exposure to technology has allowed children to learn fast. Apart from learning what is taught as a part of their academic system, they are fast in learning other applications of technology. This allows them to experience the other benefits of technology.

Technology and social awareness

Apart from learning, there is another important benefit of technology for children. This is related to social awareness. Apart from technical skills, social and emotional skills can be developed thanks to the use of technology. These are the benefits of technology that make it a boon for children. There are different ways in which technology can help improve social awareness.

1. It helps improve creativity

Children have a natural creative instinct. It allows them to express their talents. When kids can do so much with just paper and crayons, imagine the benefits technology offers. Creativity can help a child convert their thoughts into something concrete. This can help children learn new things. They can also use their creative abilities in their schoolwork. This can even help them in their future careers.

2. Technology helps children socialize

There is a perception that technology can make children socially isolated and they tend to become loners. This is not always the case. Technology can help children socialize. With more interactions happening in the online world, children meet their peers in online classes and other communities. This allows them to socialize with others and make friends. These online friends can also become offline friends with shared interests. Children love to play video games together, online sports can be turned into offline sports, and children collaborate with others for studies. Online camps or workshops can help children make new friends and become more sociable.

3. Technology helps create problem-solving skills

Problem-solving skills are essential in life. These skills can be learned easily thanks to technology. The use of computers in teaching helps children understand problem-solving better. Playing video games can help them solve problems better. Most games present different kinds of problems for them to solve. Their experience in gaming will help them learn how to solve problems. This will stand them good even to solve problems in real life.

4. They learn to be independent

Every parent desires that their child becomes independent. Technology can help them do this. When they work online, children mostly handle all their work themselves. They learn to do projects, assessments, and other activities on their own. Most online games require them to play on their own. They begin to create ideas and implement them online using technology. This helps them to be more independent and less reliant on others.

5. Empowerment is a key benefit of technology

Empowerment is always facilitated by technology. The availability of vast resources empowers a child who can work on their own without having to wait for someone to guide them. This empowerment fills children with confidence that will help them in their studies and in life. Children who come from disadvantaged backgrounds will find technology re-assuring. Technology does not discriminate and this helps to empower children of all genders and from all backgrounds. This helps them be more confident, which is one of the most powerful benefits of technology.

6. They learn to persevere

Children no longer give up. With technology on hand, they learn to use technology to find solutions to difficult problems. They no longer throw their hands saying they can’t do it. Instead, they use online resources or find friends online to help them. They learn the key skill of perseverance, which will be very useful in their future.

7. They can learn social values

When technology is used for learning, parents would need to support children. They would have increased responsibility. Technology doesn’t distance children from others but helps bring people closer. Technology helps children connect to their parents, grandparents, members of the community, etc. When managed in the right way, technology can instill social values in children. This is being seen more in the pandemic times when parents are collaborating with communities in parenting efforts.

8. It can create an entrepreneurial spirit

Technology promotes creativity, it makes children independent, and they learn problem-solving. All these help to fuel the entrepreneurial spirit in children. They can come out with new ideas to solve problems, which may be a workable business model. Children who use technology effectively can be tomorrow’s entrepreneurs who create startups that offer value to society. They can learn these skills at a young age, which will help them later in their careers.

Technology offers so many benefits that it has become invaluable. There are risks that technology pose which worry some parents. Here again, technology offers a solution to mitigate the risks. If they are worried about the child’s usage of the mobile phone, they can use a phone tracker or mobile tracker. A mobile tracker free app would help parents monitor their children’s use of technology so they can be kept safe.

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