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Online adventure games that can actually be good for your kids

Spy Phone at       Feb 26 2021 1:05PM

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Online adventure games that can actually be good for your kids

Many parents consider online games as a waste of time. They believe that playing games distract kids from their studies. They are worried about the addiction to games, which can even affect the health of kids. This is especially true for adventure games that involve action and killing opponents in the game. Some fear that these games create a violent instinct in kids. While these fears are valid, it would be wrong to completely cut off kids from playing online games.

Playing games is not bad. It is a problem when kids are allowed to play games that are inappropriate for their ages. The main problem occurs when kids are given unrestricted access to games. This makes them addicted and affects their schoolwork and makes them slaves to the game. Allowing kids to play online adventure games can help refresh them. As long as there are boundaries set, there is no problem in allowing access to games. Using a phone tracker or mobile tracker app can help in monitoring the use of mobile phones by kids.

How online adventure games can be good for kids?

Playing online adventure games can be good for kids. The benefits of playing these games are:

• Adventure games can help improve the reflexes of children.
• The games involve solving a problem to proceed in the game. During the game, the player needs to make decisions. Playing these games will help children learn problem-solving and decision-making. They learn how decisions can have consequences and this learning can help them in real life.
• Some games are set in real or historical settings. It allows children to have an immersive experience.
• They help in improving social interaction since many games are multiplayer and require working in a team.
• These games even make children think and apply reasoning abilities to move forward. They would help improve the analytical abilities of children.
• Above all, playing such a game refreshes the mind. It helps children relax at the end of a hectic day.

The best online adventure games

The following is a list of some of the best online adventure games that you can allow your kid to play. These games are child-friendly and would be enjoyed by your kids:

1) Super Mario 3D World

This game is an all-time favorite. The classic game featuring the plumber Mario’s adventure is easy to play. The controls are simple, the levels not too complex, and the graphics are great. This is a game that your kids would definitely enjoy playing. The game is designed for co-operative play. You can play this game with your kids and have a great time.

2) Typing Adventure

If you want your kid to learn typing and have fun at the same time, then is the game to play. This game prompts the kid to type different letters. As each letter is correctly typed, the explorer moves ahead in the game. If a mistake is made, the explorer is zapped with a lightning bolt. This is a fun game that small kids would love and it would help them learn the letters and typing using the keyboard.

3) Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda is one of the popular games in the market. Breath of the Wild is a new game in the series that is thoroughly enjoyable. It is an action-RPG game, a genre that not many parents may want their kids to play. But this game is special. Rated for players above the age of 10, the game features an interactive world that is excellently designed. It has great graphics and multiple puzzles that challenge your kid’s problem-solving skills.

4) Minecraft

Minecraft is a classic game. It is a block-building game where you defend your fortress and war with deadly beasts. The game will challenge your kid’s reasoning abilities. There are even some schools that use Minecraft to help kids learn creative skills. The game has a creative mode that allows kids to go ahead and straightway start building with the amazing ability to fly.

5) Rocket League

Rocket League is a unique game. It involves cars and soccer, two things most kids love. You play soccer in this game using a car. It is an innovative game concept that is most enjoyable. The game can be played by families together. You can take on each other and have fun while spending quality time. Kids can also play against the computer if you are not free. It is guaranteed fun even for kids who are not fond of sports.

6) Chibi Knight

Chibi Knight is a special game that was created by a dad for his 5-year old. It is a short game that is great fun to play. It involves action, adventure, along with role-playing. It is a simple and easy game to play. Even small kids can ace this. The colorful game is fun to play for smaller kids. Even older kids would have a great time playing this simple game.

7) Portal 2

Portal 2 offers a great gaming experience. The game design is one of the great features of Portal 2. It will challenge your kids as they need to use their visual-spatial ability to succeed in the game. There is a single-player mode, as well as a co-op mode for families to play together. The game presentation is top-class and it has an engaging storyline. It is a unique game that your kids are sure to enjoy playing.

Set clear boundaries

You can allow your kids to play online adventure games so they get all the benefits from playing these games. It is important though to set clear boundaries. They must be given time to play games but must be set limits. They should not be allowed to spend too much time playing games. Also, as a parent, you can use a mobile tracker free app to monitor the child’s usage of the mobile. This will help you ensure the child is playing only appropriate games.

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