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Technology in the hands of kids: why it isn’t such a bad thing

Spy Phone at       Mar 16 2021 11:04PM

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Technology is bad for kids! This is the opinion of many parents who worry about the ill-effects of technology and online dangers that exposed kids to risk. There are many others who strongly believe that technology is an enabler and would offer many benefits to kids. Is technology bad for kids? Don’t the benefits offered justify the use of technology by kids? Should technology be given to children with restrictions? The answers to these questions are discussed in this article.

Technology and kids

We live in a world driven by technology. IoT or the Internet of Things is predicted to be the future and we are likely to be living in smart homes soon. When this is the scenario, it is but natural that kids are exposed to technology. Kids use digital devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops to access the internet as a part of their learning. With many schools closed due to the Corona pandemic, online learning has become the norm, necessitating the use of technology.

Kids take to technology like fish take to the water. All they need is to be given a small introduction on its use, they can take it forward from there. Whether it surfing channels on a TV, downloading and using an app on the mobile, or searching for online resources, kids do it all easily. They use technology intensively, which has become a matter of concern. Parents are worried about too much screen time for kids. They also worry about the dangers that kids are exposed to when they are online. A proper evaluation of the pros and cons of technology is necessary.

How technology benefits children?

Technology has many benefits on offer to children. These benefits explain why kids should be given access to technology.

1) Helps in learning

The biggest benefit of technology is that it helps in learning. Children can use technology to learn more effectively. There is educational software on TV, for computers, and on mobiles through apps. The software allows children to learn independently and even test their learning. The amount of resources available online is huge. This ensures children can learn any topic of their choice. Learning becomes fun and kids start showing interest in learning when technology is used.

2) Used in classrooms

Virtual classrooms cannot work without technology. A teacher sitting in her house can teach students assembled in their homes. This is enabled by technology. Even in classroom teaching, technology is used in the form of multimedia lessons. Experiments can be done through software simulations helping students to understand concepts better. The entire process of school education is enhanced with the use of technology.

3) It helps them enhance their creative skills

Creative children need encouragement to hone their skills and put them into practice. Technology allows this. It offers tools for kids to demonstrate their creative abilities. While doing it, they can experiment, learn new things, and learn how to innovate. This kind of grounding at a young age will help children become innovators in the future.

4) They learn collaborative skills

Kids can work with their friends using technology. They can collaborate on school projects that can be done online through technology. They can make videos or presentations. They can create music. Kids today even know how to code and can use their skills to create apps. This collaboration with others will help them in their future careers.

5) They socialize through technology

Technology does not make a child isolated and cut off from others. It can help them socialize with other children. They can do it offline as well as online. They can use technology to connect with grandparents and other relatives. They can connect with school friends and teachers. All this helps improve their social skills.

6) Helps them in decision making

Two of the key skills that are needed for successful careers are problem-solving and decision making. Both these skills can be developed through technology. While using technology, kids learn to solve problems. They also learn how to make decisions by analyzing the data available to them. These skills will be valuable in their future.

7) Improves visual-spatial development

Visual-spatial skills are needed to read maps, solve puzzles, estimate where a ball will land to catch it, interpret charts, etc. Studies have shown that the use of technology helps in visual-spatial development. It also helps improve hand-eye co-ordination and makes them be able to concentrate more effectively.

8) Helps prepare them for the future

All that is needed for the future is available through technology. Kids can acquire new skills online. Technology helps them to be able to multi-task, which is a vital skill in today’s competitive world. More importantly, it helps them be more creative and able to solve problems. This helps in creating an entrepreneurial mindset, which can help them in their future career.

The downsides of technology

The benefits of technology are multi-fold. However, there are some downsides too.

• It can be addictive and too much screen-time can be bad for kids.
• Technology can make kids become more sedentary. This can affect their posture and be a reason for childhood obesity.
• Some kids go the wrong route and use technology to access porn and other such unwanted material. They also are exposed to the risk of meeting stalkers online.
• Attention span can be affected if there is an overuse of technology.
• They can become overwhelmed and allow technology to take over their lives.

Technology isn’t such a bad thing

Comparing the pros and cons, it is clear that technology isn’t such a bad thing. It needs to be used in the proper way and kids need to be educated on how to use technology. Parents who are worried about misuse of technology can use a phone tracker. Such a mobile tracker free app can help them control the use of technology. It helps them to prevent misuse. With tools like a mobile tracker, parents can confidently allow their kids to use devices to access technology.

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