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Spending Time Amidst Nature: How It Can Combat the Effects of Screen Time

Spy Phone at       Feb 17 2021 1:24PM

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Spending Time Amidst Nature: How It Can Combat the Effects of Screen Time on Kids

The Internet offers lots of information and entertainment to children. Your smartphone often successfully doubles up as a baby sitter. Children get addicted to gadgets from an early age. We all know the downsides of spending too much time with gadgets. Hence, parents use a spy phone app to monitor their child's phone use. A good phone spy can help you feel confident that your child is not indulging in risky behaviors. But along with reducing screen time, it is also important to get children outdoors in nature. Getting children to spend time in nature has a lot of benefits.

1. It gives them physical exercise

Physical activity is extremely important for the healthy growth of children. Physical activity increases blood circulation and makes their bones and muscles stronger. It also helps them focus better. A walk in the woods will get your child's blood pumping. Sunlight gives your child vitamin D, which is essential for immunity and bone development.
Sitting indoors for a long time with their gadgets can give rise to joint pains and aches. Sitting on a couch for an extended period can make them prone to obesity. Playing amidst nature burns calories and helps them to maintain their weight.

2. Stimulates young minds

Gadgets rarely offer any scope for interactive play. Gadgets often offer one-sided news, information and entertainment. Nature offers greater scope for interaction and helps children to think creatively. When they are amidst nature, children can run around, skip or make noise. They also observe things like insects, plants and mud. They ponder on questions like where do insects come from? How does the snow fall? This stimulates their mind. They experience different sounds and smell when they are in the midst of nature.

3. Reduces stress

Social media has a lot of ill effects and unhealthy comparison is just one of them. Nature teaches your child acceptance. Listening to a bird sing can be a relaxing experience. Watching small animals, fruits and flowers provides pleasure to the senses. Your child also gets opportunities to make new friends while playing outdoors.

4. Children learn to be responsible

Nature teaches children to nurture plants and animals. Children exposed to nature grow up to be environmentally conscious adults.

5. Children develop self-confidence

Playing outdoors requires imagination, teamwork and problem-solving. Outdoor activities like hiking make children more confident and ready to face challenges. Even simple things like jumping over puddles, climbing trees or constructing things with mud can give them more confidence.

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