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SpyPhone Mobile Tracker - Android Version has been downloaded and used by Millions of Users Worldwide.

SpyPhone Mobile Tracker is a great help in keeping track of your family.

Spy Phone Phone Tracker was first placed in the Google Play store in 2012. We have had millions of downloads under the Spy Phone Phone Tracker and Free Phone Tracker app names.

The Internet has become a inseparable part of our daily life. Even though it has made life easier in some respects, it has also made it more challenging in other ways. This even holds more true of our kids. The Internet is filled with dangers and content not appropriate for children. These include things such as adult content, virus threats, hackers, cyberthreats and cyberbullying. You need to have a frank conversation with your kids about these threats.

All of the following information is available in your control panel which can be accessed via a mobile phone, iPad or a PC. this information can be accessed 24/7.

Android version has a View Contacts feature which will make a copy of your child's contact list on install. You can use this to see who your children's friends and acquaintances are. You can see by this whether your chilren are making good choices or not in whom they are interacting with.

With our Reverse Phone lookup you can put in a phone number and check to see who the owner is. the address of the owner, whether line is a land line or mobile line and who the carrier is. This information is only available on some U.S. numbers. This is a great way to see who your children are conversing with.

You have Panic Button and Lost Phone capability with Spy Phone App. With these features you can hit a button on the phone and it will generate a sound and send out a GPS location to your control panel. You can also find your phone with our Lost Phone features.

Spyfone for Android

You can use GPS tracking with Spy Phone App to see where your children have been and where they are at the present time. Data is sent out every 30 minutes to your control panel. It is placed on a map so you can see the location on that map. You can also manually send out a GPS location.

With are going to soon implement Geo Fencing where you set up zones for your family members. By using this cutting edge feature you will be notified if they leave an area or cross into an area where you do not want them to go. Thsi is an excellent way to keep tabs on your loved ones in these troubling times.

Kids are often clueless and vulnerable to online risks. Make sure that they are aware of common suspicious online activities and what they should and should not do.

Even just clicking on the wrong link and visiting dubious websites can cause harm, and people on the internet may not always be who they claim to be. Once you establish a basic understanding in them, it becomes easier for your children to follow the rules you have set.

You should always monitor your children's online activity. You need t remind your children of the dangers of being online. Make sure to let them know not to disclose any personal information such as name, email, address or phone number.

They need to know that there a people out there whose job is to get this information from them. They need to know that these people will pose as their peers to get this information from them. They also know how much harm could happen by clicking on a suspicious link or visiting a dangerous web site.

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