What Factors Should Your Family Media Agreement Cover?

A family media agreement is a contract or an agreement on the usage of technological devices and internet that your family agrees to. Such contracts empower your child to use digital media wisely and also sets boundaries. So, what factors should your family media agreement cover? Here are a few pointers.

A family media agreement should be prepared when a child is older and begins to use technology. As a family, it is important to set ground rules, enforce time limits and strike a balance between your child’s offline and internet activity. This is where the family media agreement comes in.

While preparing the family media agreement, it is a good idea to bring your family together and listen to the inputs of everyone. For an effective family media agreement, the contract should be flexible, open for discussions and visited regularly as your child grows.

Time limits for device usage:

Understand the screen time of your child. Keep track of it. It then becomes easier to set a time limit when you are preparing the family media agreement. Talk to your child about the amount of time that he can spend on the computer or mobile phone. This also allows you to strike a balance between the internet and other creative pursuits of your child.

Safety online:

Outline steps for safe device usage. Talk with your child beforehand on the appropriate content to be shared on the net. Include guidelines that details the content that can be shared, rules about talking with strangers and sexting. Discuss with them on what sites and apps they can visit and how they can browse safely. Also inform the child about cyberbullying and online predators and tell them what to do if they accidentally become victims.

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Set guidelines for respectful online behavior. Treating others rudely, setting fake profiles, starting rumors is not responsible behavior. Online behavior, sharing of content, and privacy settings should be explained to the child and detailed in the agreement.

What’s A Family Media Agreement & How Will It Benefit You?

It’s always important to keep track of the daily media consumption of your family. In this era of information, Family Media Agreement is a very helpful tool which ensures that your kids take a balanced Media-Tech diet.

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What’s a Family Media agreement?

Family Media Agreement is a contract signed within the family about exposure to media & technology. It offers you a phenomenal way to establish rules & guidelines about the uses of the internet & devices in your family. Spy Phone tracking makes it easier to implement this plan for you. It tracks all the phone applications, GPS locations, contacts, user’s activities and also unusual behaviors. Isn't it good to have a personal spy phone app?

A Family Media Agreement helps you:

  • To protect the online privacy of your family.
  • To avoid any cyberattacks.
  • To reduce the screen time and allow your kids to participate in physical activities.
  • To protect your kids from consuming inappropriate content.

How will it Benefit you?

Family Media Agreement is a unique way to maintain the media decorum amongst the family members. The best part is, you don't have to hamper their freedom. It is amazing. Otherwise, you can be sure that your child is safe online, as well as not to spend too much time on these activities. Thanks to a specific media agreement, you will take clear steps in implementing preventive measures. Today, we all face great challenges on the Internet and that is why it is necessary to introduce guidelines related to the protection of computers from viruses, spying and similar actions. Of course, it is also important to inform your children about potential dangers, as well as what they should do in such situations. Unfortunately, children are the most vulnerable group and can very easily become victims or culprits. So explain to them in time how the internet works and how to act in certain situations.

A Family Media Agreement:

  • Allows you to have an open conversation with your kids about media intake and online activities.
  • Educates your kids about several risks associated with internet & technology.
  • Offers you a great level of control over online exposure.
  • Improves overall media health of your family.

How to implement it?

All the Rules & Guidelines must be discussed with kids and other family members before implementing it. This way, you can create a sense of mutual understanding. You must predefine the benefits of following the agreement sincerely (ex. giving extra game time to kids). Consequences to violate the agreement should be discussed too. (ex. reducing the screen time).

  • Being digital is not an option anymore but if you do it systematically, it will make your life real easy. So, next time when your kids are sticking to their devices all day long, a Family Media Agreement can be the lifesaver.
  • Having a Family Media Agreement is like an extra guardian for the kids. And SpyFone App is ready to help you to be a hustle-free digital family.

When should I introduce a family media agreement?

Every family is different, which means that there is no universal answer. The introduction of this agreement is different for everyone, and it is best to start a conversation on this topic at a crucial moment. It is generally recommended to talk when the child starts using the technology without your supervision. Of course, the time is when you feel the need to help your child become responsible on digital platforms.

This is a good idea if you want to protect your departures from cyber-attacks and clear dangers in all ways, but also when you realize that you need to strike a balance between digital and offline activities. In this way, you will additionally connect with your children, because you will encourage collaborative relationships.

Steps of introducing a family media agreement?

So, including a child in this agreement is a process. So you should do this by following a few basic steps. Listening comes first. You need to listen to your child even before you get ideas for an agreement. It is an opportunity to fully understand it, and that is very important. This way you will learn how your child actually uses technology and how he wants to continue using digital media. However, do not focus exclusively on the child but on the whole family. It is important to discuss the experiences your family members have online. Talk about whether they are pleasant or not, encourage mutual engagement. This means that a discussion should be initiated. It will lead you to family media habits related to digital media. You will find out when they use the devices and how often. Mention family values, beliefs, etc. All of these are important factors that affect your family media agreement.

What to include in a family media agreement?

Family media agreement should include transparency and trust. Why is it important? These two things are key to proper child development. The environment in which a child grows has the greatest influence on his development. So make sure you create an environment that will encourage it. In such an environment, children open up in conversation with their parents and talk about the problems they may encounter on the Internet. That way, you won't have to follow them on digital platforms without their knowledge and undermine their trust. Be honest but moderate in your concerns. Discuss details such as passwords, usage guidelines, privacy settings, locations, apps, expectations, etc. Don't forget to compromise, because your child's wishes and needs are also important.


Feedback is a very useful tool when it comes to establishing an agreement. So, encourage your child to share this information with you. This applies to his digital behavior, but also to yours. This way, you won't act too harshly as a parent, which means you won't send your child confusing messages about online behavior. The child must know the reason for your behavior, and not just follow orders. Feedback allows you to set clear guidelines and encourage equality. Your child will then feel comfortable and safe, and you will reach a better agreement.


This is one of the items that you must not forget when it comes to family media agreement. In order to reach an ideal agreement, you will have to opt for a balanced approach. What it means? Such an approach involves decisions that your children and other family members must agree to. You will achieve this if you explain to them in detail the plan and your reasons behind it. For example, explain to them why they should only spend a certain number of hours in front of the screen and how this affects them. Explain all the advantages of your plan, as well as the consequences of not following it. Point out how much this is in their interest, but stay realistic. This means that you should not forget about the academic use of the screen. Help them to fill their free time well, don't just impose bans on them. The point of a family media agreement is to create a balanced and healthy lifestyle. This is an opportunity to think about your activities, as well as the activities of other family members. You will now have more time to engage together for a better time.


When we talk about the consequences, we do not only mean cyber-attacks and similar situations. This also applies to the consequences of violating the family media agreement. You need to know how you will act in a situation where your child is breaking the agreement. Our advice is to react smartly, and such a reaction implies an open response, patience and a non-judgmental approach. However, if your child intentionally violates this agreement, you must change your approach. In that case, opt for an adequate punishment that will respond to the misconduct.

Don't stop constantly encouraging your child to tell you about what's going on online. That way, you'll know right away if he comes across something disturbing or offensive. Do not use intimidation, but point out to them how important honesty is and how much you value it. It would not be bad to think of certain scenarios in which they may find themselves. Then, ask them to think about how to behave in such situations, because in this way you will be convinced that they understood everything. If they have committed a mistake, help them to open up.

Creating a family media agreement empowers a kid to use technology safely and wisely. It brings the family together and sets clear guidelines on digital media usage.

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