Reverse Phone Lookup

You can see Contacts from the phone. You will be able to see who your children are conversing with.

Know who your Kids are conversing with!

In todays interconnected world, your kids could be communicating with anyone. They could be texting or calling people much older than them. With our Reverse Phone Lookup you can cross check phone numbers they are calling or texting to see who owns the phone number.

Phone Data when available could include such things as owners name, owners address, carrier name and whether a phone number is a cell line or a land line. This should help you see who your kids are talking or texting with.

Know who your kids are dealing with
  • Be able to check the owner and address of a phone number when available
  • Know if the phone number is a land line or cell line.
  • See who the carrier the line is associated with

Keep on Top of Who your kids are associating with.

Sample Record when Available

Dan Ross

123 Main Street
Parsippany, NJ 07960, ATT
Land Line

Make the world safe and secure with Spy Phone App

In this modern age, we are always surrounded by lots of technologies, applications, and software. Spy Phone is one of the most advanced mobile phone monitoring software that helps to monitor everything a mobile phone can do.

The best use of a spy phone is that you can monitor your child's activities through your personal phone. It is a parental control app so that parents can see what their children are doing and be sure about their safety and security.

Spy phones have brought a revolutionary change in the safety procedures for children. Most smart parents use it to look after their children even when they are not around them or if they are outside of the house.

You must be thinking about what exact features you will get in a spy phone, right?

So, let’s know in brief. We are not a spy app.

Spy phone app reverse phone lookup

Mobile phones are one of the most personal things that we carry every day. I’m quite sure, like me, you all want your mobile phones to be safe and not be bothered by any unknown source.

There is a very helpful feature on the spy phone that will let you know who is calling you, from which location they are using their cell phone, their address, address history, and many more.

Spy Phone reverse lookup will allow you to see from whom you are getting a call or text and decide whether you want to talk to them or text them back.

If you do not want to be bothered with any company calls, telemarketers, or any unknown people, you can avoid them with this software.

Reverse phone lookup services:

Phone owner name: Spy Phone uses locally recorded data to reveal who is calling. So if you get a missed call or text and want to know who it is, Spy Phone already has his/her name. The new spy dialer is the fastest and most real phone number lookup software in your play store.

Phone owner’s location: Spy Phone stores information for all phone numbers. There are a lot of people in this world, and somehow we have our close connections saved and information saved. The information shared publicly has been caught by a phone tracker through its GPS facility, and it provides important data like location to the users.

So, the information you will get at a glance in some circumstances

  • 1. Phone number
  • 2. Identify
  • 3. Postal Code
  • 4. current location of the phone owner.
  • 5. If it is a landline or a cell phone.

The importance of reverse phone lookup:

In the present time, virtual harassment, cyberbullying, and predatory outreach have become common scenarios. Parents who are concerned about their child's safety and mental health are looking for technology that will assist them in protecting their children.

Based on this idea of keeping an eye on children, New Jersey-based Spy Phone Labs LLC has launched a software and an app named Spy Phone. This app offers all the opportunity to keep an eye on children virtually.

Features like reverse phone lookup can bring peace to parents’ minds by providing all the activities information about their child’s mobile phone. They can inspect every bit of data on their child’s phone and be sure about their child’s surroundings. The spy phone informs the people they are contacting, having text messages from, getting calls from, and so on. They can get all the possible information about them.

If a parent notices any signs of abuse, or if their adolescent children are engaging in any type of unsocial behaviour, they can take steps to prevent it.

This is so helpful to reduce virtual harassment, cyberbullying, and any other cybercrime. Parents are seeing all the information about phone calls, text messages, browsing history, and all. So if they see someone harassing their child, they can find their location as well.

They can ask for help from their local area's law enforcement and take legal actions against this type of activity.

Reverse phone lookup facilities for the parents:

Parents are always aware of their children's safety and security. They want to make sure their child is in a safe environment. The phone lookup facility is a great advantage for caring parents.

They can monitor who is calling their children, texting them, and also from where. They can also monitor if their children are talking to them or testing them back. So if any parent ever feels like their children may face safety issues or they are getting irrelevant texts or messages, they can take steps to resolve that.

Above all, many parents have to go outside and do work for a living. So, taking care of their children may seem difficult sometimes. So, to make sure their children are not going down any wrong tracks, not doing anything abusive, not getting involved with any illegal work, Spy Phone has most of the features designed for them.

A question about the legality

This is the most common question about phone spy. This is completely legal software. You can not use it to spy on anyone secretly. Whenever you install it on any cell phone, a small icon will show up. It needs permission from the owner and the receiver to run. So whoever is using it is aware of it and has given permission to track it. So, there is no way a spy phone can work illegally.

This program is a new revolution for parents who are aware of their children and want to protect them from any kind of misconduct. Worldwide, a large number of parents are using it and are happy with the outcome.

Frequently asked questions:

  • 1. Is the Spy Phone reverse phone lookup for free?

Spy Phone is a free app on the Play Store. All the functions it contains are absolutely free. To get the Spy Phone lookup facility, you have to download the app from the play store, install it and run it on your mobile phone.

  • 2. Is reverse phone lookup available for both Android and iOS?

The Spy Phone is available in the play store. It is a US-based software, and a large number of people use it there on their android devices. But you can track an iOS device as well. We are working on our process of creating an iOS version.

Spy phones will be available for both Android and iOS in the future, but for the time being, they are only designed to be used in the Android 6 to current versions.

  • 3. Can I track any personal information through reverse phone lookup?

You can only track the name, location, and address of the caller. For legality purposes, spy phones do not support revealing anyone's personal information for those that are not available in public data records.

  • 4. Can I use the reverse phone lookup option on my PC?

After downloading a Spy Phone app, the first thing you need to do is open an account with a phone tracker. You have control panel access. So, whenever you have a mobile, PC, or another device, you can simply log in and view all of the detailed information about your receiver's phone activity.

Phone spy reverse phone lookup has become very popular to keep things private, avoid being bothered by anyone, and avoid unwanted phone calls and text messages.

So, you are also thinking of something that can help you with providing this kind of facility. Do not wait to install it.

App is available for free on Google Play & App Store